Why we love the Eagles

Football is so close I can taste it.  We are days away from what most think will be a successful season.  Will the Eagles make the playoffs? Will Carson Wentz take the next step in the maturation process?  Is Doug Pederson the man moving forward?  These are all questions that have been posed since week 17 of the 2016 season.  Our Eagles Kick Off podcast will be available shortly.  In our next episode we’ll be giving predictions on the season and discussing important storylines through the NFL.  With this blog I want to get into the overall Importance of the Eagles and why we as fans have a special bond with this team.  A few days ago WIP posed a topic on the midday show with Joe D and John Ritchie and I thought it was great.  Why do we love the Eagles?  Fans called in with their favorite memories over the years, ones that got them hooked on the team and so on.  WIP played sound bites from Merrill Reese and you couldn’t help but look back on everything we’ve experience good and bad.

I know the cliche’s are out there, Philadelphia is a blue collar town and we like defense.  You don’t need to be the best we just need to see hustle etc etc.  For me it’s not about that. The Eagles bond runs deeper that than that.  Fandom usually gets passed down from generation to generation from those living through out the Delaware Valley.  Take my family for example – passed down from generations from Franklin Field to the Vet to the Linc we’ve been there.  Born in the mid 80’s I remember everything.  I’ve been through the Buddy years and the Ray Rhodes years.  Andy was great and Chip sucked.  We’ve seen it all.  I didn’t hit me until I was about 20 years old – the overall importance of the Eagles and the effect they ultimately have on me.

Quick Story – I was with my grandfather and dad at an event where Tommy McDonald was present (If you don’t know who TD is look it up.  He was outstanding.  Arguably the best offensive player on the 1960 Champ team).  So we’re standing there and up walks Tommy McDonald.  At this point he was in his late 60’s or early 70’s and you wouldn’t know he played unless he told you.  As soon as we walks up my grandfather and him start reminiscing about his career and the 1960 game.  I’m sitting back and listening and that’s when it hit me.  The Eagles really (expletive) important.  My grandfather was able to recall certain plays and scores and the two of them just went on and on.  I looked at my dad in disbelief.  It was awesome.  It was as if these two were child hood friends and simply catching up.  I know this doesn’t happen in other football cities across the country.      This is a bond only this fanbase has with this team.  On the way home the car was filled with football stories.

Eagles fans have a keen ability to call up any game, any score, any play from their fandom (just listen to our podcast and you’ll see how we get off topic).  People think we’re nuts and yea maybe we are but no-one I know would trade it for the world.  The Eagles and football in general bring family and friends together.  I know in my family and others across the country Monday’s are led with football discussion.  It’s just the way it is.

It’s Easy – The Eagles are family.

New Podcast coming soon!


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