Inside the NFC East – Pre Training Camp Edition

We are on the eve of 2017 NFL Training Camps.  We’ll have more on the impending Eagles camp later in the week and during next week but I think it’s important to take the pulse of the other NFC East teams as the stand currently.  Training Camp is where NFL teams bond and form the culture they hope will take them to the Super Bowl at years end.  Although training camp starts for all teams with in a day or 2 not all of these teams I would say are in the right place as a team.

Let’s take a look at the Redskins.  This team is turning into a real dumpster fire right before our eyes.  Everyone is aware of what has happened with Kirk Cousins.  Let’s take a look at what has transpired.  July 17 was the deadline for tag players to get a deal done with the team.  Obviously a deal did not get done but it’s what transpired afterwards that’s odd.  The front office came out publicly and revealed what they had offered.  They wanted to make Kirk the highest paid player in the league in terms of guaranteed money.  Numbers were floated around over $70 million in totality.  What the Redskins aren’t letting us know is the length the contract.  It turns out this deal was short on guaranteed years which the Cousins camp didn’t even feel the need to respond too.  At this point the Redskins should consider trading him.  If he’s not even going to respond to contract offers from the team it doesn’t sound like he has plans to re up at the end of the year.  Ian  Rapaport of talked with a number of Redskins players who all said they are siding with Kirk Cousins on this.  On the eve of camp the Redskins are a mess and the as usual the Redskins Front Office is taking a leading role.  It’s not a good look when the team is making their start QB look greedy through the media.  The Eagles battle these bozos week one.

It’s a little more quiet in northern Jersey.  The big story around Giants camp is whether start WR ODB Jr will show up.  Depending on how you talk to the Giants are the odds on favorite to win the east this year.  They have a stacked team on both sides of the ball.  Although the offensive line is the weak point of the team in my opinion they are no doubt a tough team.  The Eagles are familiar with star WR getting in the way of a camp atmosphere.  This can no doubt be a distraction.  Let’s see how it plays out.

The Cowboys are once again in the news for all the wrong reasons.  The questions of camp for Dallas have subsided and now have turned wether Zeke will be suspended or not.  This will certainly be a distraction for the Dallas Cowboys.  Pair this with the other off the field issues that just happened this cat needs to get his act together.  The Cowboys OL will be interesting to watch.  With La’El Collins kicking out to RT taking over the Doug Free they will be a solid group but the depth could be an issue if any injuries were to happen.  They aren’t alone in the lack of depth.  Most teams struggle with major injuries along the OL.

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