NFL vs NBA Salary Debate

Every July, like clock work we get into the NFL vs NBA salary debate.  Year after year we hear from NFL players about how they don’t get paid enough and they need to be taken care of financially.  Lets not forget that most of these cats will make more in a few years than most of us in a lifetime but I digress.  Let’s not also forget that the simple math doesn’t add up.  They payroll list on an NFL team is a lot longer than an NBA team.  We all know the math and quite frankly it’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.  I actually agree with the NFL players here.  They are more at risk on a game to game basis (minus Kickers and Punters).

Richard Sherman was quoted as saying if NFL players want change they need to “miss game checks.”  He’s right.  He’s 100% percent right.  Players fought for change in the 1987 strike and ultimately got some of what they were asking for.  In 4-5 years the NFL and NFLPA will be back at the table battling it out for what they view as fair.  The problem is I’d be shocked if there was a strike.  What Richard Sherman forgets is 95% of the league isn’t in his position and can’t afford to “miss game checks.”  The average career of an NFL player is 3.3 years.  The remaining 5% can’t afford to not be playing.  The NFL pie is far from equal.  They’re more guys at the bottom of the barrel than the top.  Compare that to the NBA where the average career is double at over 6 years with an average total pay of over $24 million.  It’s easier to miss a game check in the NBA than the NFL.

We also had to hear from Sammy Watkins who believes he should also be paid more.  This was flat out laughable from a guy who can’t even dress for 16 games.  I put more stock in what Richard Sherman thinks in this case.

Training camp starts in one week.  Nothing better than when the pads start cracking.

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