What’s the best Eagles road trip this year?

It’s always fun to roll into opposing team’s territory flying your team flag.  It’s a blast to see your boys battle it out on the road.  There’s a special bond you feel when it’s an Eagles Road trip.  I’ve made a couple trips such as this over the years and they keep getting better and better.  During the 2017 season fans will have a nice opportunity to take some cool trips.  There are some close proximity games as usual and if you’re feeling really adventurous there’s a number of west coast games as well.  Here’s how I would rank them counting down from 8-1.

8.  FED EX FIELD – If you haven’t taken road trip thus far and want to test the waters before taking a big trip Fed Ex Field is a good place to start.  It’s a little over 2 hours from the trip-state area and relatively easy to get to.  I’ve seen a couple games down there and there’s good visibility through out the stadium.  The Eagles play the Redskins week 1 so this game will have some juice no questions asked.  The stadium itself isn’t the greatest.  It’s an older stadium compared to the newer stadiums in the league.  Parking absolutely blows.  There’s one road in and one road out so plan accordingly.

7.  BANK OF AMERICA STADIUM – Eagles travel down to North Carolina during week 6 of the NFL season.  Carolina is an easy flight and relatively cheap by all means so this trip has some possibilities.  Charlotte itself is a great city.  This game is very interesting for the Eagles because after this game they have 3 winnable home games.  Hopefully they’ll stay focused.

6.  CENTURYLINK FIELD – Seattle fans suck.  If you want to listen to pathetic pumped in crowd noise then this is this stadium for you.  Where sunglasses because with all the bright green and yellow you’re bound strain your eyes.  The Eagles played up there last year in what was no doubt a tough/frustrating game.  This game would rank higher on my list if it wasn’t for the amount of travel.  It’s two full days there and back with time travel so that eats into the fun.  The Eagles head out there week 12 in early December.  Weather could be an issue that could effect air travel.

5.  METLIFE STADIUM – Throughout the last couple years Metlife Stadium has been a home away from home for the Eagles.  Eagles Giants games are always fun.  If we were ranking this list based on the stadium itself it would be higher but compared to the other road games this is a good spot.  A short drive straight up I95 and the Jersey turnpike for about an Hour 45 and you’re there.  This game will no doubt have a good atmosphere as all these games do.  The Eagles travel up there in week 15.  This game could have major playoff implications.

4.  AT&T STADIUM – There’s nothing better than watching the Eagles get a w in a 100,000 seat capacity dump.  Winning games in Dallas is as sweet as it gets.  The Eagles will go down to Dallas for there usual Sunday Night dust up with the Cowboys.  All jokes aside this stadium is very nice.  The monster TV over the field only enhances the experience.  Much like the Giants games the Eagles always play the Cowboys well and usually split over the course of season.  The Eagles usually play the Cowboys during weeks 7-10 of the season.  Travel could be tough around Thanksgiving time but this is always a good game.

3.  STUBHUB CENTER – The Eagles are making their return to LA this year.  The Last time the Eagles played a football game in LA they were wearing Kelly Green.  This will be one of the most interesting games of the year.  The StubHub Center is a temporary stadium the Chargers will play in for 2 years.  This stadium only seats 30,000 people.  It will be a different atmosphere.  It ranks this high on our list because of LA.  Although flights are expensive and the city is no doubt expensive it doesn’t get better the LA LA land.  The Chargers throughout their history have always played the Eagles tough.

2.  LA MEMORIAL COLISEUM – There’s nothing better than the Coliseum.  This iconic stadium has held everything from Super Bowls to College Bowl games.  It’s a fixture in the LA community.  What makes this road game intriguing is where it fits on the schedule.  This game is paired with the Seahawks game.  The Eagles will be staying on the West Coast in between games.  If you’re going out for the Seattle game it won’t cost you too much more to get down to LA for the following week.  I only wish Jeff Fisher was still coaching the Rams.

1.  ARROWHEAD STADIUM – Arrowhead seats over 76,000 people.  This stadium is a one of the best.  It’s not new but it’s history and fanbase make it special.  There’s nothing better than a reunion with Andy Reid either.  This game is in an interesting spot for the Eagles.  A week 2 tussle in KC following a week 1 bout in DC.  If the Eagles aren’t careful they could be looking at 0-2 and maybe 0-3 with the Giants a week later.  Arrowhead is a loud stadium.  Much better than the artificial garbage in the Northwest.  If you’re picking a game this year this is my number 1 choice.

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