Eagles OTA’s with NFL News & Notes

The first thing we look for with OTA’s are the players who didn’t show up.  Jason Peters, Fletcher Cox, Donnie Jones and Marcus Smith are absent from this practice session.  Jason Peters can do what ever he wants as far as I’m concerned.  He’s a first ballot Hall of Famer and has his off season routine down pat.  He’s as solid as they come.  I actually have no idea why Jones isn’t here.  It’s not like he’s got a tough job.  He punts a couple balls here and there so we’ll see what happens with him.  He wasn’t a lock to win the punters job anyway so this surely doesn’t help him.  Cameron Johnston, the rookie Australian will give him a run for his money.  Marcus Smith should be working out with his teammates.  He’s been nothing but an absolute failure in his 3 years as a pro.  The Eagles didn’t pick up his 5th year option so he’s not a lock to be on this roster, in fact I’m sure he won’t with the additions the Eagles have made along the DL.  Maybe it’s a blessing he’s not here.  More reps for Alex McCalister who by all accounts has bulked up.

I’ll be honest and Mike Missaneli eluded to this yesterday and I agree 100%.  It pisses me off that Cox isn’t here.  Last year he signed a 6 year $100 million dollar extension and had a poor year.  He was average at best.  This team needs to cultivate leadership and this isn’t leadership.  The best players need to be here.  Peters aside, he’s earned the right not to be here but Cox hasn’t earned that as far as I’m concerned.

Carson Wentz talked to the media after the session.  I love listening to Wentz speak.  He doesn’t get to high or low.  I wish the Eagles would make him available more often.  He talked a lot about getting everyone on the same page and growing as a team.  He spoke about the trips and bonding he did over the off season with his WR’s and OL.  This plans to be a yearly trip.  In regards to play on the field the first thing he mentioned about new WR Alshon Jeffrey was his “catch radius.”

Notes from Day 1 (via Jeff McLane)

Donnel Pumphrey was returning kickoffs during the first drills of the session.

Blount was running drills with no Helmet.  Most players where helmets during the drills so this was interesting to say the least.

With Barbre out with a calf injury Seumalo got first team reps at LG.  I expect him to win that spot come September.

Mills and new Eagle Patrick Robinson were getting looks at first team CB with Douglas jumping in as well.  This is the most important position to watch during camp.  The Eagles need to find some consistency and ultimately guys who can play.

The offensive line as a whole struggled a little a bit but with some guys absent and others injured that’s not a surprise.  Lane Johnson was at LT with Peters out.

The first play of the live offense vs defense session was a completed pass to Jeffrey on a button hook.

NFL Changes

Aside from Eagles football we had some other news in the league yesterday.  The owners got together and voted on some new changes.  Everyone is talking about the new celebration rules and honestly I couldn’t care less about these rules but there are some changes.  Players will be able to use the ball as a prop, do team celebrations and snow angels.  I really care about the rules that effect the play on the field such as the 10 minute overtime change.  Usually these get a test period and can be reviewed again but the league opted for a permanent change on this.  This is a good change because it will force the players to play faster and with more urgency.  Where they would usually get 2-3 plays off in 60 seconds now they might get 3-4 with a hurry up possibility.  Only if they made this change with Donovan was still here.  The new LA stadium was leap frogged for a Super Bowl and the 2021 game will be held in Tampa.  League rules stipulate new stadiums have to be played in for 2 years before they can land the big game.  The opening of the stadium was delayed a year because of the recent weather issues in the LA area.

Source(s) picture – philadelphiaeagles.com, OTA notes – Jeff McLane

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