Draft Recap – 184th Overall Nathan Gerry

Is Gerry a Safety or a Linebacker?  He’s listed as a safety but the Eagles have him listed as a linebacker.  If make’s the team he will certainly provide the Eagles with depth at either position.  Everyone assumes at some point the Eagles will trade LB Mychal Kendricks.  They kept him past the March deadline so I expect him to be here.  The play of Gerry during camp and the preseason could effect Kendricks future.  He’s a developmental player who will primarily see the field on ST during the start of his career.  He will need to make an impact early if he plans to be on the week 1 roster.

“Gerry will need to make his mark on special teams to stick, but their depth is thin at the safety position.” – Mark Dulgerian

Here are the strengths and weaknesses for Gerry from NFL.com – STRENGTHS Chiseled from granite. Controlled, downhill shuffle from the box to mirror running back. Plays with advanced instincts against both run and pass. Anticipates patterns and can play ahead of receiver’s breaks. Will not hesitate to fire into the passing lane. Has soft hands with plus ball skills leading to thirteen career interceptions. Races into his run support work. Can adjust his run fits according to flow of the play. Decisive when triggering downhill from high safety position. Takes smart angles to the ball with a good feel for speed vs. space. Looks to make tackles near line of scrimmage. Played combo safety role and has experience with slot coverage.

WEAKNESSES Plays with tightness in his lower half. Linear attacker with need for excessive gear-down to redirect his weight. Restricted strider with limited play range. Missed excessive amount of tackles over last two seasons. Lacks desired agility and change of direction in tight quarters to secure shifty runners. Slow to flip hips and accelerate down the field. Lacks speed, range and length to play single-high safety on pro level. Susceptible to separation when asked to work from backpedal.

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Source(s) philadelphiaeagles.com – piture, Mark Dulgerian – Quote, NFL.com – Scouting report


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