Draft Recap – 166th Overall Shelton Gibson

It was reported last year DGB and Treggs were more about the night life than the playbook.  After taking a second WR in this years draft paired with the 2 they signed in FA the Eagles are sending a message.  Those 2 cats probably need to update their resume’s because they don’t have a future here.  Gibson is a burner.  He along with future draftee Mack Hollins will provide the Eagles with a deep threat they just didn’t have last year.  I believe Gibson is a better long term WR prospect than Hollins but Hollins can impact the game in more areas and might be more valuable overall but time will tell.  An AFC Scout believes he has DeSean Jackson speed.

“Forget his 40 yard dash time, Gibson has big-time vertical ability. At this point, there is little development in the rest of his game but he should be good for some “bombs away” moments early in his career.” – Mark Dulgerian

Here are Gibson’s strengths and weaknesses per NFL.com – STRENGTHS Flat. Out. Fast. Has run-by speed on the go routes and can create immediate separation over the top against cornerbacks who overestimate their acceleration. Saw 36 percent of his catches go for 25-plus yards over last two seasons. Ball skills and hand-eye coordination are substantially better down the field than on the short routes. Finds the deep throw quickly and makes necessary adjustments to ball flight to put himself in the best position to make the catch. Fear of his speed creates open, unchallenged throws underneath against spacious cushions. Athletic and not just a tight-hipped, straight line runner. Explosive leaper who can climb the ladder and extend way up over his head to snare the errant passes and bring them home. Has immediate gunner potential and can return kickoffs.

WEAKNESSES Displays focus issues with his hands when working underneath. Had a case of alligator arms over the middle against Texas after taking a punishing hit a quarter earlier. Will need to learn to run more of the route tree and sharpen his skills as a route runner in general. Made a living on nine routes, posts, slants and curls. Gets to top gear quickly creating issues with excessive steps in his gear down into his breaks. Needs to do a better job of aggressively working back to the ball and scrambling with his quarterback into a catch-friendly area of the field.

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Source(s) philadelphiaeagles.com – picture, Mark Dulgerian – quote, NFL.com – scouting report


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