Draft Recap – 118th Overall Mack Hollins

After three straight picks to help build and strengthen the defense the Eagles turned their focus to the offensive side of the ball.  Mack Hollins was selected in the 4th round.  He’s a receiver that has some raw skills.  Hollins certainly has the height size and weight to compete for the football.  Hollins is a well rounded player.  He’s a developmental wide out but could be a dominate starter on special teams.  After the selection of Mack Hollins Mike Mayock said he was the “best special teams player in this draft.”  He excels at both kick and punt coverage.  This will only add to a dominant special teams unit the Eagles have had the last 4 years.  Hate on Chip Kelly all you want but he built a great unit and hired the right coaches to run the unit.

“Hollins is a big downfield receiver who should help open up the Eagles’ offense in subpackages. In addition, he’ll be an outstanding addition to their kick coverage units.” -Mark Dulgerian

Here are the strengths and weaknesses for Mack Hollins from NFL.com – STRENGTHS Will have a team drooling over his size and speed. Propels himself down the field with smooth, long strides. Chomps up cushion and glides past corners and safeties before they know what hit them. Legitimate vertical threat who finished with 20 touchdowns on just 71 catches. Dangerous run-after-catch ability in on deep crossing routes and slants. Former walk-on who still has a desire to do whatever it takes. Special teams captain all four years at school. Had 20 special teams tackles over his first three seasons and offers punt and kick cover value on special teams.

WEAKNESSES Played less than 50 percent of the offensive snaps in every season. Primarily used to stretch the field and doesn’t have experience with a variety of routes. Still very raw. One speed route-runner who wins with just speed. Routes need more purpose. Not a natural hands catcher. Never produced more than 35 catches in a single season. Play strength through his patterns is below average and he can be re-routed. Leggy in underneath work and can be slow in and out of his breaks. Stalk-blocker who needs to give much better effort in run game.

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Source(s) – philadelphiaeagles.com – picture, quote – Mark Dulgerian, nfl.com – scouting report


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