Draft Recap – 43rd Overall Sidney Jones

The key with the pick is value.  There were multiple sources close to the Eagles that said he was the highest rated player on the board before he tore his achillies at his pro day.  He was a slam dunk 1st round pick.  The Eagles would have likely targeted him at 14.  He slips to the Eagles in the second round right after the Vikings jumped up to select Cook.  I was texting with my blog co-founder and posed the question before the trade – do you think they take Cook here?  There were mixed reports about Cook from the Eagles.  I’m not so sure they would have taken him had he been there at 43.  If Jones were healthy he would be starting right away.  This team does not have two NFL ready starting DB’s currently on the roster.  Jones camp says he’s already in a walking boot and will play this year.  I’m very skeptical of that and don’t believe he’ll see the field, which is ok.  It’s about the next 10 years not just 2017.  When he does suit up hopefully he bursts on the scene like he did as a freshman at Washington, starting all but 1 game and netting a couple interceptions.

Here are Jones’ strengths and weaknesses per Mike Mayock and NFL.com – STRENGTHS Competes all over the field. Doesn’t play pitty-pat with his jam from press. Throws stiff lead right into the shoulder of receivers like a boxer. Maximizes contact with receivers within first five yards. Eyes are top notch. Balances between quarterback’s eyes and his man from all off coverages. Ready to close on throws anywhere near his area. Route magnet. Pattern anticipation allows him to map receivers path and undercut route. Prioritizes ball over man and attacks catch point with slaps and rips. Has nine career interceptions and got a hand on 21.3 percent of balls thrown his way over last two seasons. Early ball tracker with length and leaping to attack the high point. Mirrors receiver acceleration out of their breaks. Twitchy feet for click-and-close transitions and instant change of direction from shuffle technique. Solid recovery quickness.

WEAKNESSES Tore his Achilles tendon at his pro day which will require an extensive rehab process. Carries slender frame. Needs to add upper body strength in preparation for NFL size. Was jostled around by JuJu Schuster-Smith out of press coverage and at the top of the route. Scouts like his quickness but worry about his ability to carry speed down the field. Gets impatient from press. Loses positioning by reaching and lunging to get hands on receiver rather than letting the release come to him. Can still improve his transition footwork. Fights his hips a little when flipping to change direction in open field. Physical receivers can wall him out of tackle action in run support.

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Source(s) – philadelphiaeagles.com – picture, scouting report -NFL.com.


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