The Eagles Rumor Mill

The negotiating window for FA’s opened today at 12:00 PM.  This time of year no one is safe from the rumor mill.  This player is up for grabs while others are linked to long term deals with everything else mixed in between.  Over the last few weeks leading up to FA and the combine in full swing we’ve heard some interesting rumors.  Some of which have some merit and others are completely baseless but it doesn’t matter.  What has happened have been the extension of Jaylen Watkins at 1 year and a 2nd round tender placed on Trey Burton.  It’s no secret the Eagles value Burton.  He’s a jack of trades player and contributes on special teams.

Rumor – DeSean Jackson, Shady McCoy and Jeremy Maclin will all reunite with the Eagles.  This one has been floated around for a while and although it’s an interesting proposition I don’t see this happening at all.  For one I don’t even think the Eagles can afford such a move.

Rumor – Jordan Matthews is available via trade.  This is interesting because at face value you would think why would they trade him?  He’s due for a contract extension next year and is he worth what he could command?  I was a big JMatt fan but his erratic play and awful hands have worn be down.  I don’t want him here long term.  If they can move him I would find a way to get it done.

Rumor – The Eagles and Titans are battling it out for Brandon Cooks.  Cooks is only 23 years old.  I acknowledge he is a decent player.  Is he worth a 1st round pick?  I’m sorry I don’t believe he is.  Even if they trade for him they still need a dominant red zone target.  I would keep the pick and draft a corner stone player (CB, WR) to build around.  In my opinion Mike Williams or Corey Davis project out long term better than Cooks.  This is my issue with the Eagles.  Stop trading and signing FA and just build through the draft.  It’s not that hard.

Rumor – The Eagles have been linked to every FA WR in the league.  It started with DeSean.  Right now he’s a long shot to return.  Reports surfaced yesterday he could command 12 million a year.  At that price I’m out and it’s an easy decision.  Stills and Britt I have no interest in.  If they do trade for Cooks expect Britt to the be red zone target.  I don’t think Kenny Stills is any good at all and Britt has all the measurable’s but where’s his head at?  Recently Terrell Pryor’s name has been linked to the Eagles.  He’s the most interesting FA in the league.  He will command one of the biggest paychecks I believe.  I like Pryor but where this team is headed I think they’re better options in the draft.

Rumor – The Eagles want to move on from Jason Kelce.  Hopefully this is true.

Speculation – This came from Howard Eskin and I have no idea how this came up but Andy Reid could return as President of Football Operations of under Jeffrey with Joe Douglas as GM and keeping Doug as coach next year.  I don’t even know how to comprehend that.  I’ll just leave this alone for now.

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