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This current group of wide receivers were the worst in the league.  I know the stats might not reflect that but as a whole it was a joke.  Watching Nelson Agholor try to catch the football and Dorial Green-Beckham try to run routes was down right pathetic and an embarrassment to the game.  This group needs such an overhaul that Greg Lewis was fired after only 1 year on the job.  Not entirely his fault but someone has to fall on the sword.  Do to contract obligations and guaranteed money it couldn’t be any of the players so we turn to the coaching staff.


Jordan Matthews is the best of the group.  That’s not saying much but it is what it is.  2016 was his 3rd year in the league.  A bit of an up and down season led to 73 grabs for 804 yards and 3 TDs.  He battled a bit of the injury bug and missed a few games.  For a second round pick we should see more production.  He has yet to have a 1000 yard season in his career.  Last year he finished 3 yards short to go along with a ton of drops.  Matthews is a favorite target of Wentz so he could have gotten there this year if it wasn’t for the injuries.  I defended Jordan all of last season and parts of this season.  He was a guy who I wanted the Eagles to keep.  This is a year they usually lock up players like this.  I’m indifferent on whether or not he stays.  It just doesn’t matter.  It’s clear he’s not a 1 and he’s a borderline 2 depending on who is opposite him.  He needs to work out of the slot.

Nelson Agholor was awful.  For a first round draft pick entering his second year he had 36 catches for 365 yards and 2 TDs.  His highlight of the season didn’t even happen during the season.  He was cleared of rape allegations months ago.  He has that to hang his hat on.  You can’t compete at this level when your overmatched physically and mentally.  Everyone said coming out of USC he was a speed guy.  They must have seen different tape than I did because I didn’t see any tape where I thought his speed would translate.  The Eagles will no doubt try and get out from his contract but I expect him to here for 1 more year in 2017 as a 4th to 5th wideout.

Dorian Green-Beckham looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane’s little sister.  He has all the tools and is an athletic specimen.  I just don’t think the guts and attitude out there.  Everyone sees how he runs routes.  He should be a dominant redzone target and down the field threat.  His numbers were similar to Agholor minus the amount of drops.  36 for 392 and 2 TDs.  Because of his contract and overall build he’s in a a similar spot as Agholor.  The Eagles will try and move on but will ultimately give him another year because of the size.  He will be a rotational player.

Paul Turner should have been active weeks before he actually was against the Bengals.  Even in his first game he had the second longest reception by an Eagles WR all year on his first touch.  Turner catches everything.  I wanted to see more of him.  He will no doubt be featured during the spring and pre season again to see what exactly the Eagles have.  He caught 9 balls for 129 yards with a long of 41.

Byre Treggs just like Paul Turner should have been active before the Giants game.  The Eagles had been in desperate need of a deep threat.  He’s active and what do you know catches a 58 yard bomb for his second career NFL catch.  He only netted 3 grabs on the year 80 yards but you saw that he could do.  The Eagles will need to take a long look at Treggs in the off season to see if he can make an impact.  I think it’s an either or between him and Turner.  The Eagles need to find play makers and there isn’t room for all of these guys and there shouldn’t be based on their production last season.

Look for our defensive blog this Thursday.

Photo Credit – CSN Philly

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