Position Focus

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to recap each position group and how they faired over the course of the 2016 season.  We will feature two groups on offense during one blog and two on defense during another.  In our multiple part series we are going to start with Special Teams.


Caleb Sturgis was the most consistent Eagles player all year.  He finished the year 35/41 85.4% with a LNG of 55 yards.  He was equally impressive on PAT’s with the extended distance finishing 30/31 at 96.8%.  I’m excited at Sturgis’ prospects long term.  He’s proven he can kick in the cold and in the elements.  Having a reliable kicker is a must in today’s NFL with the extended PAT’s.  At 29 years old Strugis could have another decade in this league.  If he continues to kick the way he did this year moving forward the Eagles will be in a good place.

Caleb Sturgis – Press Pass via philadelphiaeagles.com

Donnie Jones will be back next year after signing a new contract.  I’m not the biggest Donnie Jones fan but his numbers suggest he’s a little better than I give him credit for.  Per Bleeding Green Nation Jones only had 63 punts this year.  His fewest since his rookie year in 2004 when he only punted in 9 games.  He finished 16/34 punters in yards per punt.    Jones isn’t great but it’s hard to find a better option.  Not talked about is the chemistry he has with Caleb Sturgis.  A big part of Sturgis success was Jones holding the rock.  No fumbles (not including Celek’s bad snap) led to a great year for Caleb.

Chris Maragos is the ultimate glue guy.  I feel like a broken record saying it but he’s outstanding.  He’s a player that never tries to do too much.  He knows his role and he’s great at it.  Along with Jones, Maragos received contract extension.  Maragos plays a big part in why this unit is the best in the league for the last couple years.

Per Football Outsiders the Eagles finished the leagues top ranked unit!

Source(s) – philadelphiaeagles.com, Bleeding Green Nation, Football Outsiders

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