Week 15 Game Picks

Brian: COWBOYS 24, BUCS 20

I think the Cowboys get back on track this week in another Sunday night primetime game. Dak Prescott had his worst game as a pro last week in the loss to the Giants for the second time this season.  The return home and facing a weaker defense will help Dak as well as the Dallas offense.  Tampa is playing great football as they have vaulted themselves into the divisional and playoff race with a terrific second half.  Jameis Winston and Mike Evans will present a challenge for the Cowboys secondary.  However, at the end of the day I don’t think the Bucs are quite ready to beat the best team in the NFC on the road.

Ryan:  COWBOYS 26, BUCS 23

There’s possibly some cracks in the armor of the wall that is the Dallas Cowboys.  I mentioned this earlier in our blog segments but I have no idea why a team with an 11-2 record would consider benching it’s starting QB but here we are.  This game could potentially be a really great match up.  The Bucs defense is playing some of the best football in the league now.  It’s hard to pick against Dallas at home coming off a bad loss.  Cowboys 26 Bucs 23 in OT.


Brian: GIANTS 23, LIONS 21

Ben McAdoo has given the middle finger to all his critics believing the Giants would be a mediocre football team under his watch. The G-Men struggled early in the season, however the improved defense has carried the load for an offense which still struggles to score like years in the past.  The lack of a consistent running game will ultimately be the downfall for New York.  Detroit still baffles me how they are winning games each week.  I’ll give credit where its due Matt Stafford has played like a franchise quarterback this season.  He has carried the Lions to numerous late game comebacks putting them in first place in the NFC North.  Stafford hurt his finger last week and I think that will impact his effectiveness on Sunday.

Ryan:  GIANTS 20, LIONS 16

If the Giants are winning in 4th Quarter that’s bad news for them.  The Lions are the kings of the comeback this year.  Not so sure if they will be coming back this game.  The Giants are playing well and Matt Stafford has torn ligaments in his index finger on his throwing hand.  In the cold and wind I’ll take the QB with good hands.



I love it when these two AFC West foes square off especially late in the season where Oakland’s playoff hopes are on the line. For some reason these two always seem to play games where it comes right down to the wire.  The Raiders have had extra time to rest and stew on the clunker they threw out in Week 14 at Arrowhead.  Derek Carr appeared to be shook by the cold and his finger issue.  There will be no such issue this weekend in comfy San Diego.  Philip Rivers and the Chargers aren’t playing for anything except the continuing threat of the franchise being moved.  I’m sure a boatload of Raiders fans will be in attendance for this later kickoff on the East coast.  I’ll go with Carr and the Raiders to take down Rivers.


This game doesn’t have the same cache it’s had in years past but it does have big playoff implications.  The Broncos need to be play good football and win games down the stretch to get in.  They are no means a lock.  After struggling against Tennessee this is a must win.  It’s hard to go against the Patriots.  It’s that simple.


Brian: RAVENS 21, EAGLES 17

This had the potential to be an intriguing late season game when the schedule came out and the Eagles started out 3-0. Obviously that is no longer the case as the Ravens are in the thick of a playoff race while the Eagles are looking towards the offseason.  You still root for an Eagles win since a loss does nothing to help with the draft position like in year’s past.  That being said I can’t see them winning this game in Baltimore.  I believe they’ll keep it close and compete especially since the Ravens are playing on a short week.  However, this team simply doesn’t have enough talent to beat borderline playoff teams yet alone on the road.  This should be another nice road test for Carson Wentz facing a very good Ravens defense.

Ryan:  RAVENS 20, EAGLES 13

I was encouraged by the Eagles last Sunday.  I know we have been talking about effort lately and the fact they we are is another issue but it is what it is.  The Ravens are in the thick of a playoff push.  The last time the Eagles played in Baltimore, 5 was benched and Kolb threw a 109 yard pick 6 to Ed Reed in a blow out.  This game won’t be a blow out but I expect the Ravens to get the W.  Eagles are struggling to score.


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