Report Card Day – Eagles/Bengals

This collection of guys is turning into the same out of control, me first, selfish, unlikeable team from last year.  At this point it’s very frustrating to see what’s taken place on the field, or lack there of.  I know Doug is struggling and the game plans haven’t been great, let alone good.  But lets face it, Pederson isn’t going anywhere.  The brass knows this isn’t a talented team.  He isn’t being fired and quite honestly he shouldn’t be.  This team doesn’t have any talent.  From what I’ve seen this year there’s two players I really care about (Wentz, Hicks).  The rest, it wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t back at all.  I say that tongue in cheek but there’s a lot of guys under performing on this team.  Guys that have been paid a nice amount of money.  Has Vinny Curry dressed or been active all year?

Top Offensive Grades per

Jason Peters 81.5

Paul Turner 74.9 – PT played well.  He caught 6 balls for roughly 80 yards.  I don’t care if the bulk of his catches were in garbage time.  As noted earlier by Birds 24/7 his 6 receptions are more than Agholor has ever caught in a game.  The most Agholor has caught up to this point in his career has been 4.  I want to see more of him and quite frankly he’s earned the time.

Allen Barbre 68.8

Trey Burton 64.0 – There’s a good chance Trey Burton should have gotten the contract Ertz got.  He might very well be the better TE.

Zach Ertz 54.3 – We’ve all see the missed block or the block he didn’t execute on Burfict.  I’m not going to kill him like others have but I can understand where they are coming from.  The fact that a player graded out at 54.3 and remained in the top 5 is disgusting and really shows how brutal this offensive output was.

Top Defensive Grades per

Brandon Graham 85.3

Jordan Hicks 80.8 – Behind Brandon Graham Jordan Hicks has been the Eagles most consistent defender all year.  He’s been a top 5 linebacker and the best in coverage through 3 quarters of the year.  The Eagles have desperately needed a playmaking MLB and they finally found one.  I’m excited to see what Hicks can do the rest of this season and moving forward during his Eagles career.  I expect him to be a target they look to lock up in 2 years.

Nigel Bradham 79.7

Marcus Smith 78.1 – It’s a shame Smith was taken in the first round.  He clearly should have been taken in the 3rd.  His production this year would be on par with where he was taken a few years ago.  He’s made an impact when his number has been called.

Fletcher Cox 77.6 – Cox was paid 103 million dollars with 60 of it up front.  He’s not living up to his contract.  It’s that simple.

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