Week 13 Game Picks

Brian: Saints 28 Lions 24

Ryan: Saints 27 Lions 26

The Super Dome isn’t quite the home field advantage it once was.  The Lions are coming off an extended break playing Thanksgiving afternoon.  Although the Saints like the Eagles are long shots for the playoffs they aren’t quite dead yet. I believe they get this game at home against a team thats trailed every single game in the 4th quarter.

Brian: Falcons 27 Chiefs 20

Ryan: Falcons 30 Chiefs 21

This game has the let down potential for the Chiefs written all over it.  After a big win against a division rival Big Red and company come east to play the Falcons.  If this game were in KC I would no doubt be picking them.  The Falcons are tough at home and the Chiefs have some lingering injuries.

Brian: Steelers 30 Giants 17

Ryan: Steelers 35 Giants 30

Not sure if either team can stop the opposing teams offense this Sunday in Steel town. Both teams had relatively easy victories last week with the Steelers playing on Thanksgiving night.  The Steelers are right in the mix battling the Ravens for NFC North division.  This will be an entertaining game.  I could see both AB and OBD going for 150 plus and 1 score.

Brian: Bengals 17 Eagles 14

Ryan: Eagles 19 Bengals 13

We’ve been very critical of Marvin Lewis this year.  I can’t in good faith pick the Bengals to win knowing that guy is on the opposing sideline.  Eagles need to run the table with 5 straight to make the playoffs.  They have a decent shot this week against a struggling and banged up Bengals team.

Brian’s Record 17-22

Ryan’s Record 20-19

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