Report Card Day – Eagles/Falcons

The last few weeks I’ve been very critical of coach Doug Pederson.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.  He had a solid game plan and it was breath of fresh air to see all the running backs utilized and well might I add.  I thought this game was the 2nd worst officiated game of the year.  I usually don’t talk about the officials but let’s face it this crew was awful.  Ruben Frank brought this up in his 10 observations and I think it’s worth mentioning.  For a league who constantly bitches about player safety not to have a flag thrown on Jordan Matthews who was clearly targeted is an utter joke as Frank eluded too.  Carson Wentz bounced back as well with a solid performance.  He struggled against the Giants and it was good to see he still has confidence.

Top Offensive Grades per

Jason Peters 84.8

Ryan Mathews 80.4 – It was nice to see Ryan Mathews involved in the offensive again.  19 totes for over 100 yards but I was more impressed with how he ran.  It almost seemed like the Eagles simplified their running game.  They ran out of multiple formations and sets and kept the Falcons off balance.  I do think the Falcons 7th ranked rush defense was misleading.  7th against the run because teams new they could pass all day vs the 31st ranked pass defense.  The Eagles will need to keep this rushing attack going next week.

Jordan Matthews 79.9 – JMatt is becoming one of my favorite Eagles.  This cat is a no non sense player.  Yea he drops a ball every now and then but he is quietly having a solid season.  This is the kind of player I want the Eagles to keep around.

Jason Kelce 79.7

Halapoulivaati Vaitai 77.0

Top Defensive Grades per

Mychal Kendricks 84.9 – This was no doubt Kendricks best game of the year.  He was solid in pass coverage, was able to disrupt the passing game by blitzing and did a nice job tackling in the open field.  Kendricks can be a big part of this defense when he plays well.  He’s often been over shadowed by his other two running mates but not Sunday.  Well done.

Fletcher Cox 82.2

Malcolm Jenkins 80.3 – I’m running out of things to say about this guy.  The Eagles have signed FA’s in the past who although they donned the green weren’t really “Eagles.”  Malcolm Jenkins is an Eagle.  His 3rd down tackling was a real game changer as this game continued to unfold.

Vinny Curry 78.5

Rodney McLeod 78.1

The Eagles face a stiff test next week vs the Seahawks.  I was glad they won vs the Patriots.  After a big win they might more inclined to have a let down.  The Eagles didn’t save their yesterday.  All they did was make the next game just as important.  They couldn’t afford to fall to to 4-5 and still 0-3 in the division.  1-0 in the second half of the season is a nice start.

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