Report Card Day – Eagles/Giants

LA Rams fans are probably laughing all morning saying “thank god, we don’t have Doug Pederson.”  The Giants were trying to give away that game after being up 14-0.  It’s really frustrating seeing Pederson leave points on the board.  To be honest I don’t mind the aggressiveness, I just hate the stupidity with play calling?  Seth Joyner pointed this out on the post game show.  When did Wentz “turn into Cam Newton.”  That 4th and short QB sweep is an awful play.  Next play that comes up to mind is another 4th and short.  I don’t mind going for it but you run your 33 year old 5’8 175 pound running back off the right side?  Come on Doug.  You’re costing this team games and it’s pathetic.   9 points potentially left on the board including the block FG leads to a 5 point loss.  I’m a big proponent of getting the all points you can while your on the road.

Top Offensive Grades per

Trey Burton 75.5

Bryce Treggs 74.3 – Treggs put his stamp on the game quite early Sunday.  Honestly it goes back to Pederson and why he wasn’t active early on.  Treggs provided a nice downfield threat which led to the longest reception by an Eagles WR this year.  I expect Treggs to be active for the rest of the season.  Its no secret downfield speed opens it up for Zach Ertz.   Those two go hand in hand.

Brandon Brooks 73.5

Jordan Matthews 73.0

Halapoulivaati Vaitai 72.2 – I really like what I’m seeing out of Big V.  You can tell he’s playing well when his name isn’t being mentioned on the TV broadcasts.  He’s been solid the last 3 weeks in my opinion.  His technique has been solid and this OL as a whole has played well.

Top Defensive Grades per

Fletcher Cox 88.7

Nolan Carroll 84.5 – Carroll did a nice job against OBJ on Sunday.  Carroll has an knack for strip interceptions.  He made a similar play against the Panthers last year.  He was physical at the point of attack and broke up a number of plays and delivered some big hits as well.  He made up for the fact that Leodis Mckelvin was probably the worst defensive player on any team yesterday.

Brandon Graham 79.4

Rodney McLeod 79.1

Beau Allen 76.5 – Bennie Logan has played very well this year.  The Eagles haven’t missed him because of how well Beau Allen has played.  Allen has been outstanding on the interior of the DL, specifically against the run.  He’s partnered very well running mate Fletcher Cox to form a nice DT duo.  This will only add to the depth when Logan comes back.

Ruben Frank brought this up in his 10 observations on CSN Philly and I think it’s worth mentioned again.  4/5 weeks the Eagles gotten off to slow starts.  We have talked about not being able to finish games and play calling but it’s the start that has really hurt.  14-0 vs Detroit, 14-0 vs Washington, 3 TO’s vs the Vikings and another 14-0 start yesterday.  Start better and the W’s will follow.

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