Week 9 Game Picks

Brian:    PANTHERS 20, RAMS 10

Carolina’s defense looked like the 2015 version last week against the puzzling Cardinals. The defending NFC champs once again destroyed Arizona at home following the blowout in last year’s championship game.  Cam Newton expressed his displeasure with late hits following the game, and stated he planned to have a word with the commish.  You can bet he’ll get the roughing calls this week especially facing a Rams defense led by loose cannon, Gregg Williams.  The Panthers are still a ways off from the dominant 2015 squad specifically in the secondary, however the Rams offense has no weapons besides Todd Gurley.  Case Keenum or Jared Goff at QB, doesn’t matter I like the Panthers on the West Coast.

Ryan:     PANTHERS 27, RAMS 16

Jeff fisher is the coach of the Rams and their QB is Case Keenum.  Panthers may have found their swag by pounding the Cardinals.  The key words here are Jeff Fisher.

Brian:    STEELERS 24, RAVENS 21

Big Ben is expected to make his return against the division rival following a brief absence with a knee injury. Pittsburgh has been up and down this year looking like contenders one week then getting pummeled by the Dolphins the next.  The Steelers and Ravens was arguably the best rivalry in football along with a guaranteed appearance on Sunday Night football.  Baltimore has lost a core group from their franchise especially on the defensive side of the ball.  These two teams still play physical football which tends to produce an entertaining game.  Baltimore is in the midst of a four game losing streak seldom seen by John Harbaugh.  Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense lack the number of weapons which the Steelers offense has.  For that reason I like Pittsburgh in a close one.

Ryan:     RAVENS 19, STEELERS 14

Suggs is 100% spot on.  During this media interview he said no one is fooled by Ben’s act.  We all know he’s playing.  Big Ben is a drama queen but the Ravens are playing like queens.  After starting 3-0 they have lost 4 in a row.  The Steelers are struggling as well and sit at 4-3.  I’m a big Flacco fan.  He’s a little banged up but that Raven’s offense isn’t the same.  The Steelers defense isn’t the same either.  These AFC North division game are always tough and hard fought.  They aren’t the easiest games on the eyes but nonetheless it’s good solid hard-nosed football.  Ben will play but I don’t think he’s anywhere near being healthy.  After just have knee surgery 2 weeks ago how can he?  I like the Ravens in a small upset.

Brian:    BRONCOS 27, RAIDERS 17

Good friend of the blog, Raider Ron, is beyond pumped up for this divisional primtime showdown. It’s been quite awhile since Oakland has been relevant, but Derek Carr’s play has them in the mix again.  The Raiders have not lost on the road this season, however they have dropped two at home including a division loss to the Chiefs.  Denver continues to have one of the best defenses in the league while the offense has lost top running back, CJ Anderson.  Trevor Siemian was called out by Gary Kubiak for his turnovers which luckily did not cost Denver the game against San Diego.  I still like Denver’s defense and don’t think Oakland is ready for the bright lights quite yet.  Denver takes this one on the road.

Ryan:     RAIDERS 26, BRONCOS 23

How long has it been since the Raiders have had a primetime home game?  The late opener on MNF they seem to get doesn’t count.  The Raiders are undefeated on the road but just 1-2 at home.  The Broncos aren’t playing particularly well for their standards but are still competing and winning games the old fashioned way with the ground and pound.  This is the best game of the weekend.  The NFL seems to be better when the AFC West rivalries are at their best.  With 3 teams at 5-2 or better this game has potential playoff implications.  If the Raiders can be more efficient in the running game and eliminate the 23 record penalties they had last game I like them to get the W.

Brian:    EAGLES 24, GIANTS 20

Another week, another NFC East road game for the Eagles this time in the new Meadowlands. The Eagles have only lost once at Met Life coming in the last game Andy Reid ever coached here.  Also keep in mind the last two seasons the game was completely meaningless, but a win nonetheless.  The distraction known as Josh Huff was eliminated by the Eagles after being released today.  I don’t feel like getting into that idiot he returned kicks, but beyond that he is a marginal player at best.  New York is coming off their bye as seems to be the case whenever a team plays the Eagles nowadays.  I hate the term must win, but falling to 0-3 in the division would not be good to say the least.  The Eagles shouldn’t have any difficulty stopping the run, and Odell Beckham obviously will be the focus.  Somehow the Eagles need to find a vertical passing game maybe that comes in the form of Bryce Treggs.  I’ll ride with recent history and take the Eagles to improve to 5-3.

Ryan:     GIANTS 23, EAGLES 17

I’m really worried about overall state of the Eagles.  To lose a game like they did last week, a game they controlled and had won before the head coach got in the way could be devastating.  I could this haunting them for a few weeks until they can back on track.  It’s hard to believe the Eagles will face their 3rd team in a row after the bye but that’s how it is.  Basically a 4th team next week with Atlanta playing on TNF this week.  We need that cushy NYG Mara schedule they always seem to get.  Signing Josh Brown aside I digress.  The Giants are one team I can’t seem to figure out.  Up and down play has plagued them all year.  Their OL is one of the worst in the league and they have absolutely no running game.  I said I can’t figure out the Giants, but I think I have a good beat on the Eagles.  Another sloppy game could and will lead to a 4-4 record.

Brian’s Record:  16-15

Ryan’s Record:   14-17

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