Report Card Day – Eagles/Cowboys

We’ve talked all year about rookies.  Rookie’s all around the league are making an impact come game day.  We know about the success of our own rookie Carson Wentz.  This game was about another rookie.  Rookie Head Coach Doug Pederson lost this game.  He let his players down by some questionable calls, situational football and yes clock management.  Inexcusable playing call down the stretch doomed the Eagles after they had a double digit lead on multiple occasions in the 4th Quarter.  Listening to WIP in the morning Rhea Hughes said this game was worst than the Tommy Hutton bobbled snap of the mid 90’s and I think she’s right.  Doug Pederson snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Top Offensive Grades per

Brandon Brooks 85.2

Jason Peters 82.7

Steven Wisniewski 76 – Wiz did a nice job coming in for Barbre after injuring his hamstring early in the game.  He did a great job in run protection and held his own against the Dallas line.  The Dallas line isn’t anything special but Carson Wentz had time to throw all game.  This is what a veteran reserve lineman is suppose to do.  When your number is called be ready.  The team should be comfortable if he needs to start next week vs the Giants.

Darren Sproles 74.2 – Sproles has to be sore this week.  Hopefully Pederson and the coaching staff take it easy on him in practice.  For a 33 year old running back to the lead back on a team that says a lot about the other running backs.  Sproles was outstanding.  The patience he showed before pressing and hitting holes was fun to watch.

Carson Wentz 72.7

Top Defensive Grades per

Brandon Graham 92.9 – Graham was the highest rated player at any position this week for PFF.  He has continued to be force off the edge in this wide 9.  His aggressiveness has been fun to watch.  If he’s not in the backfield at the quarterback he’s hunting straight down the line in the run game.  Keep it up BG.

Jordan Hicks 88.3 – Through the first month of the season Hicks was getting lost in this scheme.  His last two games have been some of the best MLB play this city as seen in a while.  He likes the bright lights of Dallas that’s for sure.

Vinny Curry 82.2

Nigel Bradham 81.6

Malcolm Jenkins 78.4

If I’m Schwartz and the other defensive assistants on this team I’m frustrated with the offensive game plan.  Schwartz put together a winning game plan.  A game plan that confused the rookie 4th round pick Dak Prescott.  A game pan that should have netted a 23-16 victory.  I’m worried about the psychy of this team moving forward after a loss like that like this.  We’ll see what happens moving forward.

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