Week 8 Game Picks

Brian:    BENGALS 24, REDSKINS 20

               The final NFL game in London for 2016, thank the Lord.  This matchup between two 2015 playoff teams is undoubtedly the best game across the pond in quite some time.  Washington predictably fell into the trap last week at Detroit after winning four straight.  Josh Norman was also lost to a concussion and will likely miss this week’s game.  AJ Green is licking his chops at the thought of Washington’s other corners lining up across from him.  Cincinnati has been scuffling this year and we’ll look to get back to .500 by beating former offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.  The Brits will get to see a battle of mediocre quarterback play on Sunday.  I’ll go with the Red Rifle to lead the Bengals to a win.

Ryan:     REDSKINS 27, BENGALS 20

               As I mentioned before these London games are hard to predict.  They are usually awful games (thanks to the Jaguars every year) but I do like the 9:30 AM start.  Football right out of the sheets is cool with me.  I’ll make this easy.  I have no faith in Marvin Lewis to take his team and win on the road let alone across the pond in another continent.  If the Skins can get some healthy players back I like them to win easy to be honest.  Eifert will have an increased role after his 15 snaps last week but that shouldn’t matter.  Again it’s Marvin Lewis.

Brian:    FALCONS 27, PACKERS 21

               Atlanta reverted to their old form last week blowing a lead at home late to the Chargers.  The Falcons have yet to prove they won’t be the 8-8 team which everyone expects them to be.  The offense is prolific, but Matt Ryan is still plagued by untimely turnovers.  Running back Tevin Coleman is expected to miss this week taking a weapon away.  Green Bay is still a mess on offense despite the Thursday night win against Chicago.  They’re using a wide receiver at running back and injuries on defense are a legitimate concern.  I believe Aaron Rodgers is fine, but his weapons on offense are simply not as good as in the past.  Matt Ryan will connect with Julio Jones for some big plays to propel the Falcons to a home win over the banged up Pack.

Ryan:     FALCONS 30, PACKERS 23

               Is this the same Falcons team from last year?  They are on the verge of collapsing again after starting out 4-1.  5-0  last year led to them missing the playoffs completely.  The Packers are clearly not the same team.  There defense is average at best and Rodgers doesn’t look like his normal self either.  It seems like anyone can come into Lambeau and win now-a-days.  Packer fans think their team was cured after beating the Bears on TNF.  You aren’t cured facing Matt Barkley for half the game.  I like the Falcons in an upset specifically because of their offense and Julio Jones vs that defense.

Brian:    TEXANS 24, LIONS 20

               Brock Osweiler was absolutely horrible in his return to Denver this past Monday night.  The Texans are solid at home, but dreadful as a road football team.  Luckily for their sake this game against the Lions is in Houston.  Matt Stafford led the Lions to another late game comeback at home for surprisingly their 4th win on the season.  I’m still not a believer in either Stafford or Jim Caldwell.  Both of these teams are mediocre, Houston just happens to be in the worst division in football.  The Texans will lean on Lamar Miller to beat the Lions at home.

Ryan:     LIONS 28, TEXANS 17

               Brock Osweiler blows.  The Lions have the better QB and the better team.  They might even have the better coach.  I’m no Caldwell fan either.

Brian:    COWBOYS 21, EAGLES 17

               NBC gets another Eagles-Cowboys matchup featured on Sunday Night Football including a preview of years to come with the quarterbacks.  Everyone knows the accolades of the Dallas offensive line as well as Zeke Elliot who leads the league in rushing.  The Redskins were able to exploit the Eagles run defense a few weeks back, and they don’t even run the ball that well as an offense.  Bennie Logan is expected to miss the game again this week which certainly hurts although Beau Allen played well last week.  I don’t think the Eagles defense will be run all over by Zeke and company, but the problem lies within generating points on offense.  The receivers are still struggling to get consistently open for Wentz including Zach Ertz.  For that reason I’ll go with the Evil Empire at home in a close one.

Ryan:     EAGLES 20, COWBOYS 16

               I mentioned last week I had a good feeling about that Vikings game.  I have that same feeling for this Dallas game.  Again I can’t put my finger on it but I like the Eagles here.  I know it’s all going to be about Wentz vs Dak.  NBC will do 15 different split screens and talk about who’s better.  We know who’s better.  It’s Wentz.  The eye test is simple.  Not saying Dak isn’t good or won’t be a great QB but Wentz is doing more with less in my opinion and asked to do more.  The underlying story in this game is the fact that this could be the start of a beautiful rivalry.  Both teams are building towards something special.  The Eagles will win and lose some through out the next decade.  Dak hasn’t face a defensive unit like the one he will face Sunday.  I hope the Eagles will blitz and keep him guessing similar to what they did vs Sam and the Vikings.  The Cowboys could be sluggish coming off the bye.  It’s a passing league and we are seeing Teams come out slow off their bye.

Brian’s Record:  13-15

Ryan’s Record:   13-15

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