Report Card Day – Eagles/Lions

A sluggish start resulting in a sloppy first half netted the Eagles their first loss of the season.  I was worried about this game earlier in the week and said as much through our @Eagles_Focus twitter account.  Was the officiating subject at best?  Yes, but only the Eagles are to blame for putting themselves in a situation where the refs could have impact on the game.  It’s well known draws and screens are the best way to slow down the wide 9 push.  The Lions were the first team to really keep the Eagles off balance.  We’ll see if this is a recipe teams use moving forward.

Top Offensive Grades per

Carson Wentz 79.7 – Wentz again was the highest rated offensive player for the Eagles this week.  I was happy to see how he responded after being down double digits on the road.  I thought he faired just fine.  He continued to stay calm and chip away.  The protection wasn’t as good as it was in past games but that didn’t seem to phase him.  Against the blitz went was stellar 7/8 for 70 yards and 1 TD.  I don’t mind the throw at the end of the game.  I like the aggressiveness actually.  I don’t want to sound like a Carson Wentz apologist but Agholor needs to give a better fight for that ball.

Brandon Brooks 79.4

Jason Peters 78.3

Jason Kelce 76.2 –  Jason Kelce has been an easy target this year.  He hasn’t been solid grading out 32/32 Centers earlier in the year.  This week vs the Lions he was better.  Much better.  He did a nice job calling out protections and really opened some nice holes paired will Allen Barbre.  Sproles and Mathews were able to gash the Lions on more than one occasion up the middle.

Lane Johnson 72.2

Top Defensive Grades per

Nigel Bradham 86.8 – An interesting decision to take Bradham out of nickel packages really hurt the Eagles in my opinion.  I haven’t been questioning DC Jim Schwartz to this point but this was one of the more puzzling moves.  Was this in part some sort of punishment for Bradham being arrested again?  Not sure but don’t be surprised to see Bradham back in the nickel come next week.  More on Kendricks in a bit.

Brandon Graham 85.6 – Another outstanding performance from DE Brandon Graham yesterday.  He didn’t net a sack but was a thorn in the side of the Lions all game.  He was able to pressure Lions QB Matt Stafford and although he didn’t record a sack he had a number of hits on the QB.  Graham will need to be on his A game again next week as the Eagles face the Redskins in their first division game of the season.

Fletcher Cox 78.8

Leodis McKelvin 78.6

Vinny Curry 76.1

These were the guys that really jumped off the page and played well.  There were some guys that didn’t play too well.  Mychal Kendricks comes to mind right away.  He was the glaring week point on the Eagles defense yesterday.  He whiffed on multiple tackles and was a liability in pass coverage.  He was targeted 4 times, allowed all 4 receptions for 32 yards and a touchdown.  I’m not sure what the deal is with Kendricks.  He’s either not trusting what he’s seeing or simply can’t play.  He’s a liability.  We’ve been on his case for the better part of a year now.  The fact that Wentz only has 1 interception is a tribute to his accuracy.  These WR’s simply can’t get any separation.  He had a number of tight throws which he completed.  I mentioned the throw at the end of the game.  That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking. Isn’t Agholor supposed to be a burner?  That’s what were were told he was going to be out of college.  His speed or lack there off hasn’t shown up thus far.  He’s more of a possession WR.  He needs to help is QB out more than he did on that last play.

Source – Pro Football Focus

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