Report Card Day – Eagles/Steelers

I don’t think anyone predicted an Eagles blowout.  A lot of people thought it would be a close game, myself included but not a blowout.  If you did think it would be a blowout you probably picked the Steelers.  Of course you did, because you have 6 rings.  How could we forget?   It’s only been rammed down our throats since Tuesday.  Like we said last week this is a new blog we are going to publish after games.  We have aligned ourselves with Pro Football Focus and will give out grades based on how they performed.  For those who are new to PFF or don’t know much about it I definitely recommend checking them out at

Top Offensive Grades per

Lane Johnson 86.5 – I think it’s important to point out what Lane did yesterday.  It’s also important to note that this will in all likely hood be his last game for 2 1/2 – 3 months as his suspension is looming.  The Eagles will have to adjust but Lane and the OL did a great job Sunday keeping Wentz upright.  The Steelers are having trouble getting to the QB and it continued Sunday.  They gave up no sacks.

Carson Wentz 79.7 – I’m running out of things to say about this cat.  What else do you say about a QB that has come in and dominated the league in his first three starts.  He refuses to get rattled and maintains his poise in the pocket.  The signature play in this game was the 70+ yarder to Sproles.  The awareness Carson Wentz showed can’t be taught.  It’s all feel.  He side stepped a defender in the pocket, kept his eyes downfield while at the same time running horizontal with the line of scrimmage.  Through 3 games Wentz and the Eagles as a team have 0 turnovers.  You win the TO battle, you win most games.

Allen Barbre 78

Brandon Brooks 74.9

Jason Kelce 71.8 – Kelce had a bounce back game.  Was he perfect?  No, but overall I think he did a nice job.  He played much better than the 41.0 ranking her earned landing him 32/32 starting centers during the 1st 2 weeks of the season.  We mentioned how well Wentz is at reading defenses and assigning protection.  Jason Kelce has a lot to do with that.

Top Defensive Grades per

Jordan Hicks 86.5

Nolan Carroll 84.5 – Carroll like Kelce was at the bottom of his position grouping through 2 weeks.  This might have been his best game in an Eagles uniform. He was physical went needed and was keyed in to Big Ben all game.  The signature play that comes to mind was on a fake bubble screen.  Carroll was able to read it and jump back to cover the wheel route behind the screen.  He could have easily had 2 interceptions.  The Eagles new AB was going to get his, and he did.  They just wanted to limit him when they could and keep everything underneath.  They did just that and it led to a dominant defensive performance allowing 0 TDs.

Fletcher Cox 84.1

Malcolm Jenkins 82.8

Brandon Graham 81.2 – Brandon Graham is wrecking havoc off the edge position.  He is a perfect compliment to the destruction Fletcher Cox and Bennie Logan can cause in the middle.  Graham continues to grade out at a high level through 3 weeks.  He forced Ben off his spot all game.  By putting pressure on the outside Ben was forced into the waiting arms of Fletcher Cox and Bennie Logan.  Graham finished with a sack and fumble recovery.

All of these guys both offensively and defensively had a nice game.  A couple guys didn’t fair so well.  I thought the WR’s struggled a bit.  Not as bad in week 2 but overall these guys need to make some more plays for their QB.  DGB had 2 drops including one that was a TD and Matthews should have gotten both feet down on a 4th quarter throw from Wentz.  I’m knit picking here but these are plays that can decide close games.  So far the Eagles haven’t been in any close games.  Overall great team performance.

Source – Pro Football Focus

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