Week 3 Game Picks


            This is a battle between two of the more prominent defenses in the league. Even with Adrian Peterson the Vikings were struggling to run the football.  AP is expected to miss this week with a torn meniscus.  I think the Vikings defense may actually be better than Carolina, but I’ll give the edge to Cam Newton and the home team.  Sam Bradford will be asked to carry the offense two weeks in a row.  I don’t envision the Panthers allowing 180 receiving yards to Stefon Diggs like the Packers did in Week 2.


            Right after Bridgewater went down most people including myself wrote this game off.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth with a Vikings team led by Sam Bradford.  Bradford really played and outplayed Aaron Rodgers last Sunday night.  Adrian Peterson by all accounts will miss the game and much more with a torn meniscus.  Peterson’s numbers through 2 weeks were absolutely awful thanks to that turn style offensive line.  After losing an odd game week 1 to the Broncos the Panthers bounced by beating the Chip Kelly’s.  With out AP I expect the Panthers to really get after Bradford.  Their focus will turn to Minney’s star receiver Stefan Diggs.  The Maryland product has dominated with his speed.

Brian: BILLS 24, CARDS 21

            This is basically the Bills season after falling to 0-2 losing to the Jets on Thursday night. Buffalo canned offensive coordinator Greg Roman in a perceived desperation move by Rex Ryan.  Arizona travels across country for an early kickoff following a shellacking of the Bucs at home last week.  The Bills defense was shredded by Ryan Fitzpatrick for almost 400 yards, and the Cards offense is one of the better vertical passing attacks in the league.  All that being said I like the Bills at home with the extra days of preparation.

Ryan:  CARDS 30, BILLS 20

            This might be the easiest pick we have all season.  Rex has turned into Wrecks with how he’s handled this team which can’t be a surprise to anyone.  The Cardinals bounced back pounding a good Bucs team.  The Cards keep it rolling and win easily.

Brian: CHIEFS 20, JETS 10

            Kansas City has gotten off to slow starts the first two weeks and it cost them against the Texans last week. The Jets won’t be able to move the ball as easily as they did against the Bills especially at Arrowhead.  Brandon Marshall not being at full strength hinders the Jets offense on the road.  Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense will make enough plays to improve their record to 2-1 on the season.

Ryan:  CHIEFS 24, JETS 23

            This match-up could really turn out to be a low key great game.  Both of these teams are similar in how they were constructed, built on defense with a veteran QB at the helm.  I expect this game to be close with the lead changing hands multiple times throughout.  It looks like Marshall will play after a knee scare.  The Chiefs will have to lockdown both him and Decker if they want the W.  Back in action for the Chiefs this week will be star RB Jamal Charles.  This will be Charles first action this season after tearing his ACL for the second time last season.  I’ll take the home team and the healthier team.


            The Linc will be rocking for the 4:25 kickoff with Nantz and Simms on the call. The talk all week has been concerning Carson Wentz, and this being the true test against the Steelers defense.  I think the kid will hold his own as he’s done in his very brief career thus far.  Pittsburgh will beat the Eagles with splash plays through the passing game.  The secondary has yet to be tested with a combination like Roethlisberger and the Steelers wideouts.  Pittsburgh is coming off a hard-hitting game with the Bengals, but I like their coaching and experience to pull through in this game.


            When’s the last time the Steelers won in Philadelphia?  The answer may surprise you.  1965 is the last time the Steelers won in Philadelphia.  After watching how well the Eagles played in the 1st two weeks I would be shocked if this game was a blow out either way.  This game will be close and ultimately decided in the 4th Quarter.  This game is all about both lines.  Can the QB’s be protected and can the DL’s for both teams disrupt the opposing QB?  If and when the Eagles get to Big Ben it’s important that they wrap him up.  How many times have we seen Ben make plays with OL and DL cluttering up the pocket?  I don’t think the Eagles can stop AB.  He will get his yards regardless.  If I’m the Eagles I’m focusing on the run and making the Steelers one dimensional.  Special teams will need to be much better.  I said it would be a close game.


Brian’s Record: 4-4

Ryan’s Record: 4-4


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