Inside The NFC East – Week 2


Giants 1-0 DIV 1-0

Eagles 1-0 DIV 0-0

Cowboys 0-1 DIV 0-1

Redskins 0-1 DIV 0-0

Week 1 is in the books and we look forward to week 2.  There are some interesting match-ups across the league and through out the NFC East.  I was surprised with some of the week 1 one results, particularly down in Washington.  Here’s what we have going on this week:

Eagles @ Bears – 8:30 ESPN MNF

See our question preview coming Friday!

Cowboys @ Redskins – 1:00 FOX

One division opponent will be 0-2 this year.  Both Giants and Eagles fans will have a close eye on this game.  I wasn’t surprised the Cowboys struggled against the Giants.  Their defense is in shambles and they have some rookies at some key positions.  Dak Prescott wasn’t the issue.  He took care of the ball and put his team in position to get a week 1 win.  Elliott really struggled but overall I think he’ll be fine.  Playing the NFC East is a little different than playing the Big 10.  I thought he pressed the hole a little quickly and didn’t have as much patience as he normally does.  Ultimately I think he will be fine.  The Cowboys need to get Dez Bryant involved.  They won’t win any games with Prescott throwing the ball 45 times and Dez only having one catch.

The Redskins struggled badly.  They struggled in areas I didn’t think they would struggle in. I was also confused with their defensive game plan revolving around human mouth piece Josh Norman.  Kirk Cousins didn’t have his best game either and it resulted in a Steelers beat down.  This week 2 game will be extremely close.  Neither team wants to fall to 0-2 so both will be scrapping and fighting to the end.  I like an upset here with the Cowboys getting the W.  The Steelers are still running the ball down the Redskins throat so I expect both Elliott and Alfred Morris to find the end zone.

Saints @ Giants – 1:00 PM FOX

During our season preview podcast we gave our predictions and I wasn’t too high on the Saints this year.  After watching the pre-season and their defensive performance week 1 the Giants will be 2-0.  I have no faith in the Saints to travel up to New York and eek one out.  I think the game will be close with both teams scoring in the 20’s.  Expect ODB to have a great game.  The Giants still haven’t found a running game but I don’t think they need it this week.  If Eli Manning can take care of the football this game shouldn’t get out of hand.

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