What if…

Last week discussed the possibility of O.J. Simpson being drafted by the Eagles.  This week we jump forward a couple decades to the beginning of Andy Reid’s tenure.  Andy did a fantastic job building this Eagles team.  He solidified the OL and found his QB.  The plan was all coming together during the 2002 season.  This Eagles team was stacked.

What if the Eagles beat the Bucs in the 2003 NFC Championship game?  Breaking News –  No other fan base has told us this but the Eagles haven’t won a Super Bowl.  They looked unbeatable during the 2002 season beating the hell out of teams on a weekly basis.  This particular game didn’t start out any different.  Brian Mitchell started the game with a long opening kick off return followed by a TD run on the next play by Deuce Staley.  It was all too easy.  We all thought the Eagles would roll.  As the game rolled on there was a weird feeling.  The Eagles offense began to stall.  The Bucs wasted no time either getting back into the game.  We all remember how this game ultimately finished.  Ronde’ Barber running down the Sideline with his finger in the air.  The Eagles ultimately lost 27-10.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind the Eagles would have beat the hell out of the Raiders had they beat the Bucs and advanced to the Super Bowl.  2002 was the year.  We would have won our SB.  The Bucs rolled the Eagles and then rolled the Raiders for their first Title.  Jon Gruden got his revenge on Al Davis and we were left saying, “hopefully next year.”  Every year after the culmination of the football season I tell my writing partner, “maybe next year.”

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