What if…

We are going to start a new blog series for this upcoming season called What if.  We are going to look at past events throughout Eagles history (coaching decisions, player personnel drafts etc) and project what would have happened if they were done differently or not all.  For example – What if the Eagles had taken Earl Thomas instead of Brandon Graham?  How would this have changed the course of the Eagles throughout the last/next couple of years?  At some point in time we will cover this subject.

This week we are going to look at Leonard Tose.  What if Leonard Tose didn’t sell the team to Norman Braman?  If Tose never had sold the team there likely wouldn’t be a team in Philadelphia.  Tose was growing tired of the situation here in Philadelphia.  This paired with his gambling debts the Philadelphia Eagles almost became the Arizona Eagles.  A reporter from AZ.com wrote a piece about this possibly happening during the mid 80’s.  Philadelphians got wind of this and all hell broke this.  If this were to happen it wouldn’t have been long before the city received another football franchise but we all know it wouldn’t have been the same.  There wouldn’t have been any history to look back on.  Fathers wouldn’t have been able to pass along the passion and memories they shared for the same team.  The same distain Ravens fans have for Colts and the Browns fans have for the Ravens would have set upon this city.  The one thing that sets Philadelphia apart from other sports city is the knowledge they have for the game and their teams.  The Eagles were branded in 1933 and since then stories of great players, games and coaches have been passed down from generation to generation.  Losing the team in the mid 80’s would have lost 50 plus years Eagles football.  In a sense a new Eagles team would be the Jaguars from a history standpoint and the connection with the city wouldn’t simply not be a strong as it is now.

To be fair to Leonard Tose before he tried to move the team he was a good owner.  He cared for the players and did his best to win.  Money for more than just football reasons was no objective he couldn’t hurdle.  We featured Tose on an alumni blog last year.

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