Eagles Position Review – Wide Receiver

In the final installment of our Training Camp team position review we take a look at the wide receivers.  Last year this group took a lot of heat and rightfully so.  They did not particularly play to well and were a big reason for the offensive struggles.  We talked about these guys on our latest podcast.  Who is going to stretch the field?  Who is going to open up things underneath for Matthews and Ertz?  At first look it has to be Givens or Agholor.  In my opinion that’s asking a big jump for two guys that haven’t done anything in this league.

During the 2015 season the Eagles were right at the top in terms of drops.  This training camp hasn’t been much different (aside from Jordan Matthews) with the drops.  Daily reports have been citing drops as an issue.  Hopefully this is just early camp jitters but we’ve seen this play out before.  The following guys are in camp with the Eagles: Nelson Agholor, Chris Givens, T.J. Graham, Josh Huff, Marcus Johnson, Caleb Jones, Jordan Matthews, Ruben Randle, Xavier Rush, Hunter Sharp, Paul Turner and David Watford.  Based on the numbers the Eagles will most likely keep 5 WRs.  I could also see them keeping 4 and possibly and extra TE or RB but lets say 5 for now.  We know Agholor, Matthews, Givens and Randle are locks (Randle and Matthews have had excellent camps).  Who will be the 5th?  It’s easy to say Huff but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the odd man out.  I had high hopes for Caleb Jones as an UFDA but he hasn’t impressed at all.  Paul Turner and Hunter Sharp have had nice camps and could make a late surge with solid performances in the preseason games.

The key to look for with WR’s come preseason time other than catches or drops is route running and press coverage.  Can these guys get in and out of breaks crisply and can they get off the jam and into their routes?  If these young guys struggle with this and they most likely will they will not be here come September.  The young guys I’ll have my eye on come next Thursday are Hunter Sharp, Paul Turner and Marcus Johnson.

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