Eagles Position Review – Punter

We continue our offseason team position review by taking a look at the Eagles punting situation.  Albeit not as glamorous as some of the other positions we covered however it’s just important to team success.  Fans don’t usually notice the punter until the second half of the season.  I say that because weather is more prominent and effects more NFL games come Nov and Dec.  When weather is an issue teams must win the field position battle.  A great punter can bail out a struggling offense and flip field position by a single kick.

Donnie Jones would really have to struggle or be injured to not be the punter come opening kickoff.  I say that because he’s the only punter on the roster.  It’s not often teams don’t bring in another camp participant just for competition sake but it’s clear the Eagles have faith in Jones.  DJ has been solid over the last couple years and is showing no signs of showing down.  This will be his 13th year in the league and 4th with the Eagles.

2015 Statistics: 86 Punts – 47.0 AVG – 64 – LONG – 29 IN20

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