Draft Recap – 6th Round: 196th Overall Blake Countess

Entering this draft and off-season the Eagles have very little depth at defensive back position.  The Eagles notoriously draft a lot of CB’s and make that a priority come April.  This year was no different as they added CB Blake Countess from Auburn.  You’ll notice in his bio picture he’s in a Michigan uniform.  He transferred from Michigan to Auburn.

A first glance Countess (if he makes the active team) he will be a special teams player.  If I were putting money on it, he seems like a prime candidate for the practice squad.  At 5-9 184 Countess can bring the wood.  From the tape I’ve watched he’s not afraid to come up and support the run.  If he reaches his max potential he could serve as a nickel and dime CB for the Eagles.

Here’s the scouting report on Blake Countess from draftinsiders.net via bleedgreennation.com – Positive: Michigan transfer who started at cornerback and safety for Auburn last season posting 71 tackles, 2 INT’s and 11 PBUs. Underrated cover corner best facing the action. Physical and works hard defending the run. Willingly lays his pads into receivers or ball handlers when the opportunity exists. Effectively reads the quarterbacks eyes, displays good anticipation and has a nice move to the throw. Shows a burst to the play and a solid open field tackler.

Negative: Deep speed is a concern and struggles in downfield coverage. Struggles making plays with his back to the ball and does a bit of face guarding.

Analysis: Countess is a versatile defensive back who offers possibilities in dime coverage and on special teams.

Sources: philadelphiaeagles.com (picture), draftinsiders.net via bleedinggreennation.com

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