Draft Recap -3rd Round Pick: 79th Overall Isaac Seumalo

Jason Kelce was just put on notice.  Isaac Seumalo could be the Eagles starting center in 2017.  I was listening to 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday and Joe Decamara made a really great point – he was talking about the OL and how Andy Reid really liked “road graters” and bigger guys.  Doug Pederson, an Andy disciple could be of that same mindset.  Look at some of the FA guards the Eagles signed – Brandon Brooks is 340 pounds.  I’m not so sure this new staff is enamored with Jason Kelce’s size.  He’s a great guy and fantastic teammate but I could see the Eagles moving on if his play doesn’t drastically improve.  Along with this size is the fact that he had a number of awful snaps last season.  A lot of factors went into his play, including the two awful guards on either side of him.  Perhaps he was worried about those two and having to cover them.  Nonetheless he needs to improve.

Early in his Eagles career Seumalo will be a guard.  The product of a coaches son, Seumalo played all over the line at Oregon State.  He played at all 3 positions C, T and G.  The least of his snaps did come at the guard position.  Ultimately I believe he will be a center.

Here are his Strengths and Weaknesses from NFL.com -STRENGTHS Quick feet and plays with above average lateral movement. Well­-schooled with technician’s understanding of footwork and angles to secure reach blocks and wall defenders out of the running lane. Patient blocker waiting for his feet to settle into place before engaging. Operates with a centered, sure base and reliable core strength. Has experience at center, right guard and both tackle spots. Unselfish and does what is asked of him. Pass sets look like a tackle’s with desired knee bend, flat back and arm extension.

WEAKNESSES Frame could use more mass. Base narrows as drive blocker causing occasional bouts with body control and balance. Doesn’t appear to have punch-­and­-snatch hands. Looks like he’s got block secured and then loses grip and allows his defender into the play. Defender’s hands often first into the framework. Hands need to work faster. Missed 2014 due to complications from injury suffered in 2013 Hawaii Bowl – NFL.com.

Sources: NFL.com, philadelphiaeagles.com (picture)

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