Draft Recap – 1st Round Pick: 2nd Overall Carson Wentz

I’ve wrote before about why the Eagles needed to make this trade.  This blog is about the man himself, Carson Wentz.  The 6-5 237 pound North Dakota St Missouri Valley product will have a lot on his plate now that he’s been chosen second overall in the 2016 NFL draft.  Here’s Mike Mayock on Wentz -“This is a special moment for a Division-1AA (FCS) player. There is precedent in Joe Flacco, who came out of Delaware. Wentz is the No. 1 player on my board, so while I understand and believe that Goff is more ready to play today, Wentz will be a better player five years from now.”

We’ve heard multiple comparisons of current and former QB’s to Wentz.  We’ve heard Andrew Luck, Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre.  Honestly, I don’t really understand the comparison to Favre.  I think its more about hobbies, interested and personality.  My advice to Wentz is to be yourself.  Be Carson Wentz.  It’s obvious Wentz has been inserted into a tricky situation regarding petulant baby and candy ass Sam Bradford.  We all want to see Wentz play right away but we also know that won’t happen.  I do believe at some point this year he will start a game.  It’s a tough call if your an Eagles fan.  If he doesn’t start the Eagles are in the playoff chase.  If he has multiple starts there was a catastrophic injury or injuries or the Eagles are not in the playoff race.  Bradford has held firm in his stance of staying away.  If Bradford is not here Chase Daniel will be in a tough spot because no one including myself will be interested in anything accomplishes.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses for Carson Wentz via nfl.com -STRENGTHS Tall with an athletic, proportional build that is made for the NFL position. Played in a pro-­style attack with plenty of snaps under center. Asked to make NFL throws and showed he could do it. Stands tall in the pocket and delivers with a relatively high release point. Keeps ball high and tight in the pocket and can uncork it quickly with tight, sharp release and little wasted motion. Throws catchable ball with tight spiral. Naturally accurate passer. Sees lurking linebackers underneath and throws receivers open to safest spot in the passing window. Able to change arm slots and still throw a strike. Has plus deep ball accuracy and touch. Calm in pocket and has no problems sitting in and taking a hit to complete a pass. Excelled in structured passing attack that required him to read the entire field. Has athleticism to escape pressure and hurt defenses with his legs. Already able to feel pressure on the edges and slide around in pocket without dropping his eyes. Adept in play-­action game at selling fakes and quickly finding safeties to help determine where to go with the ball. Intelligent with long list of academic achievements. Should be able to process and handle an NFL playbook quickly. Can play pitch and catch all day long against zone coverage.

WEAKNESSES When rolling out, will float it a little too much when taking shots down the field. Allows passing windows to close quickly when he short­ arms his release. Needs a little more consistency on anticipatory throws outside the hash. Will get caught locking in on target bringing secondary charging in to make a play on the ball. Inconsistent footwork from the pocket. Arm gets ahead of his feet even with time to come to balance. Needs to pick up pace of his post-­snap setup. Has to put a little extra air on his field-­side throws. Can be a little flat with his downfield, touch throws. Has to eliminate the occasional nonchalant throw into tight quarters. Doesn’t look comfortable yet with bootleg rollouts to the left. Broke a bone in his throwing wrist in October sidelining him for eight weeks. Dealt with arm and shoulder injuries as a baseball player in high school. Lower level of competition could cause issues for him adapting to NFL speed – NFL.com.

It’s clear the Eagles fell in love with Wentz from the beginning of this process.  Props to them for going and getting their man.  Will it pan out?  No one knows but in order to win in this lead you need to have “Dat Dude” at the most important position in sports.

Sources: NFL.com, philadelphiaeagles.com (picture)

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