Eagles Focus Mock Draft: Pick 28 Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs- CB William Jackson III (Houston)

Cornerback Sean Smith departed Kansas City during free agency and signed with division rival Oakland.  Kansas City ranked 9th in the NFL last season allowing only 231 passing yards per game and 25 touchdowns for the year.  Smith was a big part of that success along with Marcus Peters and safety Eric Berry.  Peters won Defensive Rookie of the Year after being selected in the first round by Kansas City in 2015.  The Chiefs will look to replicate that success in 2016 with the selection of cornerback William Jackson III from Houston.  Jackson fits the mold of the new age NFL corner with his size and ability to match up with taller receivers.  He recorded five interceptions in 2015 with the Cougars and led the nation in passes defended.  Scouts praise Jackson for his ability to read routes while also possessing the skill to break on passes as well hence the passes defended statistic from earlier.  The learning curve might take a little longer than expected for Jackson to bulk up for the NFL to hold up in press coverage consistently.  The Chiefs play in a division with a multitude of young talented receivers which requires cornerbacks to play at a high level.  Jackson has the benefit of Peters and Berry already being a part of the Chiefs secondary along with Bob Sutton at defensive coordinator.  He could compete with incumbent Phillip Gaines for the starting spot opposite Peters in 2016.


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