My Take on the Eagles Schedule

The Schedule makers didn’t do the Eagles much favors when it came to the 2016 NFL slate.   After being the National TV darlings of the last few years under Chip Kelly the Eagles will have to get used to the 1:00 PM time slot.  I honestly prefer the 1:00 PM time over the bright light games.  Of the 16 games the Eagles will play 10 of those will be early Sunday afternoon.

The Eagles will play 4 National TV games appearing on Sunday Night Football only once.  As usual they have a primetime bout with the Cowboys around mid year on SNF.  In addition to this the Eagles have two Monday Night Football games against the Bears Week 2 (away) and Green Bay Week 12 (home).  Although MNF isn’t quite what it used to be it’s still the only game on TV at the moment.  All eyes are on this game.

I like that the Eagles open up against the Browns (even though I’ll pick them to lose).  This has the making of a game the Eagles will most certainly struggle with.  The Browns are saying the same thing.  They get to open with the Eagles a team also in transition.  I like that the Eagles will close with two home games with in the division.  In years past these late season division games haven’t been kind to the Eagles.  They have faltered against the Redskins two years in a row down the stretch and even though they won the Giants game last year they really lost by virtue of playing Seattle instead of the Jeff Fisher lead Rams this year.  Thursday games aren’t my favorite but in this case it will benefit the Eagles with 10 days to prepare and will act like a second BYE late in the season.  I know it’s a week 16 bye but if the Eagles are in position to make a run at the playoffs they could use this time to rest moving forward toward the post season.

There are a few things I don’t like about this upcoming schedule.  The first thing I noticed was the week 4 bye.  Week 4 byes are tough in my opinion. It’s a quick break followed by a long 12 week stretch.  The last time the Eagles had an Early bye was in the 2009 season following an ugly loss to the Oakland Raiders.  The finished that season 11-5 and ultimately a loss to the cowboys during the Wildcard round of the playoffs.  I mentioned the nice division games the Eagles have at home to close out the season.  Those games won’t mean to much if they lose three in a row to Seahawks, Packers and Bengals with 2 being on the road.  That’s a really tough stretch against playoff tested teams.  It’s an early look but if they go 1-2 during that stretch I’ll be happy.

We will be doing our Schedule breakdown in June following our draft recap.

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