Eagles Focus Mock Draft: Pick 11 Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears- QB Jared Goff (California)

The Bears have been in search of a franchise quarterback since they won the Super Bowl in 1985 with Jim McMahon.  They traded for Jay Cutler from Denver before the 2009 season and while Cutler has the skillset you want in a franchise quarterback the rest of his makeup leaves a lot to be desired.  Sitting at pick 11, Chicago cannot pass on the chance to select Goff and let him sit behind Cutler for one season before he moves on.  There is only $2 million in dead cap for the Bears in 2017 if they part ways with Cutty.  Goff set single season passing records for the Pac-12 in his junior season at Berkeley.  He threw 43 touchdowns and passed for 4,179 yards in 2015.  Scouts have commented Goff has a stronger arm than Carson Wentz and can hit the deep out with accuracy which can be a difficult throw for college quarterbacks.  Goff has functional mobility which allows him to climb the pocket and get his feet set again to hit on throws.  The Cal offense almost exclusively worked out of the shotgun as is the case with most college offenses these days so Goff would need to transition into more of a pro style with the Bears.  Scouts have questioned Goff’s accuracy at times especially in the early portion of games, and he’s also been sacked over 80 times the past three seasons at Cal.  Goff may not be NFL ready from day one, but Chicago has the luxury of starting Cutler for one more season before handing over the reins.  The franchise cannot pass up this opportunity to land a potential franchise quarterback.


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