2016 NFL Combine Recap

The combine has come and gone.  During our last Eagles Focus podcast we conducted a full team breakdown and got into some draft talk as well.  Some of the players we mentioned really helped or hurt themselves based the last few days.  The biggest question surrounding this draft from an Eagles standpoint is the position of Quarterback.  News broke yesterday with an extension for Sam Bradford (reported by Peter King and Adam Shefter).  He’s going to be in Philadelphia for the next two years totaling 36 million with 26 fully guaranteed.  There are some playoff incentives but we will get into that in our next blog.

Two QB’s immediately jumped off the screen as I was watching.  Jared Goff for all the right reasons and Connor Cook for all the wrong.  This is an excerpt from Bucky Brooks of NFL.com on Goff -“The ultra-polished pocket passer clearly distinguished himself as the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft with a strong performance at the combine. Goff not only impressed evaluators with his flawless footwork and fundamentals, but he displayed outstanding zip and velocity on his short and intermediate throws. In addition, he threw the ball with great anticipation and timing, which is hard to do with random receivers. With the Cal standout also shining in chalk-talk sessions throughout the week, Goff is the undisputed top player at the position — at least in my mind.”

His thoughts on Cook -“Cook failed to seize the opportunity to separate from the pack of second-tier quarterbacks vying for the No. 3 position on draft boards around the league. The winningest quarterback in Michigan State history struggled with his accuracy and ball placement in drills. He repeatedly missed the mark on throws at short and intermediate range, which confirmed scouts’ concerns about his accuracy based on his sub-standard college completion percentage (57.5). With questions about his leadership skills and intangibles still hovering like a black cloud, Cook’s lackluster workout failed to boost his stock as a top prospect at the position.”

I wanted no parts Cook going into this combine/draft process and I definitely don’t want him now. In all his years at MSU Cook was never even a captain, which is a telling statement in how his teams view him.  Jason Cole from Bleacher Report was on 97.5 earlier and revealed an unnamed coach said Cook is more interested in what playing the position can get him than actually playing the position.  No thanks. I’ll pass on Cook.

The defensive side of the ball stole the show over the weekend.  ESPN’s Todd McShay believes the 1st round will be dominated by defense.  After watching workouts and seeing how things unfolded, I couldn’t agree more.  Thoughts from Chase Goodbread also of NFL.com on Offense/Defense – “Plenty of defensive players put themselves in a better draft position at the combine. The offensive players? Collectively, they might have made more money for NFL free agents on the offensive side of the ball than they did for themselves. That’s how stark the difference was over four days at Lucas Oil Stadium, and that didn’t go unnoticed by NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Many of the well-known defensive players turned in impressive showings, including Oklahoma State DE Emmanuel Ogbah, Ohio State LB Darron Lee, Clemson DE Shaq Lawson, Alabama LB Reggie Ragland, FSU’s Jalen Ramsey and Georgia’s Leonard Floyd. Others not as well known turned in a money-making combine as well: Houston CB William Jackson III, Stony Brook’s Victor Ochi, BYU’s Bronson Kaufusi.”

Ragland is arguably one of my favorite players in this draft.  He’s a dominating force.  A throwback 3 down backer that can impose his will on offenses.  Playing for one of the most dominant Collegiate teams and best college coaches of all time only adds to his intrigue.  I think he’s a top talent and there’s a good chance he is the best defensive player in 2016 draft.

This is just a quick insight into what happened over the weekend.  For great insight visit www.nfl.com.

New Eagles Focus Podcast coming soon.  The Free Agency Preview.

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