NFL Combine Schedule

The NFL Draft is scheduled at the end of April.  In realty it starts tomorrow as players begin their on field workouts.  Player/Team interviews will be at the top of my list. During the Senior Bowl all teams could meet with every player.  There was no limit on sit-down interviews.  There is a limit during the combine.  Teams are only permitted a certain number of interviews with attending players.  Because they are limited in who they can talk to it’s important to note who is actually interviewed.  With a limit on these sit downs teams can’t afford to really waste an interview on a player they feel is no fit.  Along with player news & notes, coaches and GM’s of the 32 teams will be speaking periodically through out the combine.  Although these don’t amount to anything of substance, more can be taken out of what isn’t said.

Below is the schedule of events for this weekend if you plan on watching.  My writing partner and I will have our ears and eyes open for sure.

Friday Feb 26 –

Media interviews for defensive lineman and linebackers

On field workouts for Running backs, Offensive Line and Special Teamers

Saturday Feb 27 –

Media interviews for defensive backs

On field workouts for Quaterbacks, Wide receivers and Tight ends

Sunday Feb 28 –

On field workouts for Defensive lineman and Linebackers

Monday Feb 29 –

On field workouts for Defensivebacks

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