Panthers vs Broncos Super Bowl 50 Preview

The NFL will be crowning a new champion come Sunday Night.  The Panthers and Broncos will square off in Super Bowl 50.  Although I didn’t pick the Broncos at the beginning of the year I’m not totally surprised they are playing in this game.  They were on of a few teams with a great shot to represent the AFC.

As we progressed through the 2015 NFL Season the Panthers continued to shock me.  I’ll admit It took me about 2 months to honestly by in to their success. I didn’t believe they were that good.  Once Kelvin Benjamin went down in training camp I wrote them off. Anyone who said they didn’t is lying. I didn’t even pick them to make the playoffs let alone represent the NFC but here they are. Props to them.

The QB’s have been widely talked about and rightfully so but for me this game is all about the defense(s).  Neither Newton or Manning has faced a defense all season like they will each face on Sunday.  Both units present difficulties for each QB.  This is obvious but who ever can limit the mistakes will most likely win the game.

Peyton Manning won’t be nervous.  I mean he’s the Sheriff.  Sheriff’s don’t get nervous.  He knows he’s the not the Peyton of old in terms of arm strength and overall ability but his mind is sharper than ever.  Cam Newton and the Panthers have played with swag all year.  They tell you a beatdown is coming and deliver on the promise.  This game might be be a little different.  The Broncos D won’t be intimidated and deliver the hammer as well.

When we first learned the match-ups for SB 50 my mind went back to 2013 and the beatdown the Broncos took.  I thought a similar game like that might take place.  After taking a step back and listening to all the predictions I’m changing sides.  I think the Broncos will win this game. BRONCOS 33 – PANTHERS 30

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