A Look At Doug Pederson

In a matter of 10 years Doug Pederson has gone from relative obscurity to one of the most scrutinized positions in all of football.  In 2005 he was the head coach at Calvary Baptist Academy.  Today he takes the reigns of the Philadelphia Eagles being officially introduced at a 2 PM press conference.

Coaching Timeline:

2005-2008 Calvary Baptist Acadamy

2009-2010 Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Quality Control

2011-2012 Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks

2013 – 2015 Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

Doug Pederson Background:

Age – 47

Hometown – Bellingham, WA

College – Northeast Louisiana

NFL coaching Experience – 7 years

It’s been well documented how this coaching search has gone.  Doug Pederson is unproven and clearly doesn’t have a lot of NFL coaching experience let alone overall coaching experience.  To be honest, none of that matters now.  He has been hired and we as fans should support him.  It’s not about the name on the back of the jersey or the head coach.  It’s about the Eagles as an organization.  Do they infuriate us sometimes?  Absolutely but they are still are guys.

Pederson needs to sit down with Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman and assemble a great staff.  A staff he can lean on due to his inexperience.  Similar to what Andy Reid did during his early years.  He was clearly inexperienced but surrounded himself with veteran leadership.  There have been various reports out about Frank Reich and Jim Schwartz as his coordinators.  It was widely reported Schwartz was already hired but Adam Caplan said last night his interview would be today.  Schwartz is the best DC on the market and would go along way in helping Pederson.

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