A Baffling Coaching Search

This has been a very unusual coaching search.  Or so it seems.  This season like all tough Eagles seasons before beats me down mentally and physically.    It takes me a couple days, maybe a week or so to recharge the batteries.  This year was a little different.  After being perpetually pissed off for what seems like 3 months the Eagles fired Chip Kelly after their week 16 debacle at home to the YOU LIKE THAT’S.  I was instantly recharged and already excited about the possible candidates that would eventually lead us to the Super Bowl.  Jeffrey Lurie fired Chip Kelly a week early in part because “he wanted to get a jump start on the process.”  In my opinion this is arguably the most important hire in the history of the franchise since the Eagles inception.  After coming off the decade plus of stability, winning and front office harmony (albeit still no Super Bowls) the Eagles went against the grain and hired Chip Kelly.  This failed.  After a second season failing to make the playoffs and a overall downward trajectory of the franchise Kelly was jettisoned.

Whats odd about this process is who they aren’t talking to rather than who has interviewed.  For a team who wants to leave no stone unturned there are a lot of stones they have left out.  I’m honestly shocked McDermott and Hue Jackson have not been contacted.  I’m not saying they are best candidates but what’s the hurt and hearing what they have to say.  Who knows that happened in the past with McDermott.  Maybe there’s something we don’t know.  Brian Dawkins was quoted as saying he “would not” offer the job to McDermott.  Lurie wants a guy who gets Philly.  Isn’t that Sean McDermott?

All the candidates looked at by the Eagles have a similar trait.  They all either have a background and personality similar to Andy Reid (Ben McAdoo) or come from the Andy Reid coaching tree.  In my opinion the Eagles are looking a comfortable coach.  A guy that makes it easy to sleep at night rather than the best coach.  The next Eagles coach will be a “yes’ man.  It’s clear that’s what they want.  Whether it’s right or wrong this next Eagles coach will  be a company guy.

When hired Andy Reid was a “safe” hire.  He necessarily wasn’t the most popular choice but he had a plan and was able to execute that plan.  Doug Pederson is a safe hire.  Will he be the next Andy reid?  If hired, the Times Your’s Doug.

It looks like this is a 2 man race.  The next Eagles coach will most likely be Doug Pederson or 69 year old Tom Coughlin.  Coughlin’s resume speaks for itself.  At 69 the two time SB winning coach doesn’t have much left in the tank.  In order for Coughlin to be hired I assume he would need a succession plan. That’s where Ben McAdoo comes into play.  He is also a dark horse for the HC job this year.  However if the Eagles really wanted him, whats stopping them from hiring him now?  They haven’t even brought him in for a second interview.  If there’s no movement or interviews by the Eagles the rest of this week (as reported by Jason La Canfora) Pederson will be the coach.  An announcement can’t be made while the Chiefs are still alive in the  playoff race.

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