What’s A Philly Guy?

When did this Eagles job turn into the Michigan job?  For years Michigan needed a “Michigan Man.”  Now all of a sudden we need a “Philly Guy.”  What the hell does that even mean?  I try and listen to Mike Missaneli as often as I can and he was bringing this up on his show yesterday.  I think it’s a good topic for discussion.  In all honesty I could care less if the Eagles new coach is a philly guy.  Andy Reid wasn’t, Dick Vermeil wasn’t and those hires turned out to be pretty good in my opinion.

All I want is a coach who’s honest, cares about winning and respects the fans that we are.  The next Eagles coach has to understand the media is the gateway to the fans.  That’s one thing Chip clearly didn’t get and it rubbed people the wrong way.  Fans can look past the condescending attitude if there is a solid product on field.  Once the losses start to pile up all bets are off.  Philadelphia as a city has an inferiority complex.  I hate to admit it but it’s true.  We are right in the shadow of Washington, DC and New York.  We are very passionate and are definitely the most knowledgable.  We understand what’s happening or not happening on the field.  When a coach looks down at us with short, condescending pressers it’s a slap in the face to everyone of us.  We all know we shouldn’t have access to all the information and some things coaches need to keep close to the vest.

In the end it’s about winning games and ultimately winning Super Bowls.  It doesn’t matter where this coach is from, what team or what level of football he came from.  It’s about celebrating on floats down Pattison and Broad.

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