Eagles Coaching Carousel

The Eagles got a jump start on the rest of the league in their quest for a head coach.  Jeffrey Lurie said in his press conference, “the timing of this gives the Eagles an extra week of preparation (paraphrase).”  After the Bucs game I thought it was time for a coaching change.  I didn’t think it would happen.  Lurie is a very patient owner and I thought he would give Kelly time to fix it.  Turns out Lurie was more pissed than we all knew, and rightfully so.  The more and more I hear from different beat writers and reporters it sounds like the Eagles will be searching for someone from the Andy Reid Coaching Tree.

Below are some of the candidates I think the Eagles are most likely to consider and the names I’ve heard rattled off in different reports.  These are in no particular order.

Doug Pederson

2009 Eagles QC – 2011 Eagles QB – 2013 Chiefs OC

Pederson played for the Eagles in the late 90’s before McNabb took over.  He knows the city and what its like to play and coach in this town.

Under Pederson the Chiefs rank 25th in YPG, 28th in PYG and 7th in RPG.  It’s hard to tell how much this is attributed to Pederson and how much is falls on Andy Reid’s shoulders.  Reid calls the plays but Pederson works closely with the QB’s.  He has done a nice job Alex Smith from a turnover standpoint.  Adam Schefter reported Pederson is high on the Eagles list.  He wouldn’t be my first choice.

Sean McDermott

03 Eagles SC – 07 Eagles LB – 08 Eagles SC – 09 Eagles DC – 2011 Panthers DC

McDermott was hired by the Eagles in 1998 as a scouting administrative coordinator.  He worked his way up to the coaching staff in 2003 as the team’s secondary coach and was promoted all the way the defensive coordinator in 2009.

In 2011 he was hired by Ron Rivera to run the Panthers defensive unit.  This year the Panthers defense ranked 5th in YPG, 6th in PYG and 5th in RPG.  One thing I saw from the Panthers that I didn’t like this year was their ability to give up big leads.  They had large leads get away multiple times down the stretch.  They won all those games.  The NFL has become a passing league.  What better way to defend the pass then to get a solid DC as the next head coach.  McDermott would be high on my list if not at the top if I’m Jeffrey Lurie.

Adam Gase

03 Lions SA – 05 Lions OA – 07 Lions QB – 08 49ers OA – 09 Broncos WR – 11 Broncos QB – 13 Broncos OC – 15 Bears OC

A graduate of Michigan State University Gase started with the Lions in 2003 as a scouting assistant.  He quickly worked his way  from there to work with Peyton Manning and now Jay Cutler.  He was in the running last year the 49ers job.  A job he should have got because the 49ers just fired Jim Tomsula, the coach they chose over Gase.  Gase was rumored to get one or two jobs two years ago after the upstart success he had with the Broncos in 2013 under John Fox.

The Bears this year finished 21st in YPG, 23rd in PYG and 12th in RPG.  He did an outstanding job with Jay Cutler.  Cutler from my standpoint has been a mutt most of his career.  Un-coachable, poor attitude and a turnover machine.  This year he might have been his best year.  Adam Gase got the best out of Cutler.  For a team in need of finding a franchise QB he would be an excellent candidate.

Hue Jackson

01 Redskins RB – 05 Bengals WR – 07 Falcons OC – 08 Ravens QB – 10 Raiders OC – 11 Raiders HC – 14 Bengals OC

Twitter loves Hue Jackson.  Hue Jackson even has his own twitter account as the head coach of the Eagles.  For a team with a lack of organizational cohesiveness Hue Jackson is not a fit for this team in my opinion.  After one year 8-8 year in Oakland he made a power play to have full control.  He was subsequently fired from Oakland.  Now I don’t know all the details, maybe he wanted to be fire who knows.  But why take a chance on that happening again.

Jackson has done a great job with the Bengals dating back to last year.  He has arguably transformed Andy Dalton into a viable franchise QB.  This year the Bengals rank 15th in YPG, 13th in PYG and 13th in RPG.  Hue Jackson would be 3rd or 4th on my list respectively.

Josh McDaniels

01 Patriots PA – 02 Patriots DA – 04 Patriots QB – 06 Patriots OC – 09 Broncos HC – 11 Rams OC – 12 Patriots OC

McDaniels is an intriguing name but I would consider him along shot.  He would be on my short list for sure but do to external circumstances I would be surprised if he ends up here.  Bill Belichick is going to have a big say in where McDaniels goes.  Any job he’s offered he’s going to run it by BB and ask for his input.  It’s rumored that BB doesn’t have a great opinion or for that matter even like Howie Roseman.  If true you can bet on McDaniels not being here.  Again those are rumors and it hasn’t been confirmed if that’s true or not.  The Eagles front office structure is run a little differently than most.

Under this eye the Patriots offense ranks 7th in YPG, 2nd in PYG and 30th in RPG.  Under Belichick the Patriots have never been a dominant rushing team.  Certainly with McDaniels there they have not.

Other first year head coaches the Eagles might look at would be Paul Guenther, Matt Patricia, and Duce Staley.  Staley actually already interviewed this week for the HC spot.  Staley would be a Tomlin-ish hire if it came down to that.  I view these guys as extreme long shots.

During his news conference Lurie said he would consider retired coaches as well.  One name comes to mind and he even interviewed with the Eagles back in 2013.  Brian Billick.  He won’t be hired but don’t be surprised to hear his name being mentioned.

*Picture from espn1005.com TMQ*

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