Eagles (6-9) vs Redskins (8-7) Week 16 – Recap

This season has worn me down – physically and mentally.

I was so jacked up for this team and NFL season.

Again I was disappointed.

I’m a true fan through and through.

I root for this team all year and I’m tired of being let down.

I feel sorry for anyone who thought they would win this game.

I’m so sick of being the laughing punch line of the league. “ZERO SUPER BOWLS.”

I’m tired of listening to other teams uneducated fucking fans.

I bleed green and I’m fucking proud.  My writing partner and I have forgotten more than any other teams’ fans will ever FUCKING know.

Honestly – FUCK THIS TEAM.

But I’ll be ready next year.  In my midnight and white thinking this is our year.  That will never change.  I may curse this team and be embarrassed from time to time but it’s my team.  My fucking team.

I’ll countdown the days until next fall like always because that’s what I do.  That’s what true fans do.  I’m proud of this fan base.  Proud to be an Eagles fan.  If you don’t like that than your a fair-weather fan anyway.  FUCK YOU.


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