Inside The NFC East – Week 15

All three teams vying for the division title held serve last week.  All three teams were in tight one score games and came out victories sitting at the top with a 6-7 record.  The NFL spot light, good or bad will be focusing on the NFC East for at least the next 3 weeks.  Looking at the Playoff picture for both NFC and AFC most of the playoff spots are locked up.  The drama lies in the East with the Eagles being flexed into prime time and by virtue of the Giants winning, they were flexed next week vs Minnesota.

It’s really odd how it’s played out this year.  The Giants, Eagles and Redskins have both had multiple game winning and losing streaks this season.  I can’t remember a season like this in years past. Due to tie-breakers the Eagles have a 50% chance to win the division leaving the Skins and Giants with 24% and Dallas with a 2% chance.  The Eagles are in  a good spot this week.  While the Giants and Redskins are in must win games the Eagles can afford to lose to the Cardinals.  Hopefully they don’t, but all they need to do is finish with a 8-8 record by winning the last two division games.

NFC East Standings

Redskins 6-7 (DIV 2-2)

Eagles 6-7 (DIV 2-2)

Giants 6-7 (DIV 2-3)

Cowboys 4-8 (DIV 3-2)

New York Jets at Dallas – AT&T Stadium 8:25 (Saturday) NFLN

The Jets go to Dallas in the first Saturday game of the year.  Dallas has a very small chance to make the playoffs.  For all intensive purposes their season is over and has been over for quite some time.  As I’ve said before they might be the real winners in the end because of draft compensation.  A report surfaced earlier this week about how the Cowboys should maybe rest Bryant and other veteran players.  The report was quickly shot down.

The Jets have a lot of play for.  Sitting at 8-5 they aren’t a lock to get a wild card spot.  They are in battle with the Steelers and the Andy Reids with 3 teams vying for 2 spots.  At the start of week 15 they have one of the WC spots.  Will they be in that same spot at the end of the week?  They will because the Jets will beat the Cowboys.

Arizona at Philadelphia – Lincoln Financial Field 8:30 NBC

See our game preview blog Friday

Carolina at New York Giants – MetLife Stadium 1:00 FOX

If the Carolina Panthers win this game they will be 14-0.  Two games away from the second undefeated season in the modern era.  Although the Panthers are 13-0 they still have a lot to play for.  They have secured a BYE but haven’t yet locked down the overall number 1 seed.  That’s important because the road to the Super Bowl will go through Carolina.  If the Eagles beat the Cardinals the Panthers will get the number 1 seed regardless of what happened with the Panthers/Giants game.

The Giants are coming off of maybe their most complete game of the season beating the hapless Dolphins on MNF.  Odell Beckham Jr stole the show as he usually does.  As mentioned before the Giants are still mathematically alive but due to their division record are the least likely to make the second season.  This game will be a close game but I fully expect the Panthers to get to 14-0.

Buffalo at Washington – FedEx Field 1:00 FOX

The Bills are mathematically still alive in the playoff race but for all intensive purposes they are toast.  They need a lot of help paired with 3 straight wins to end the season.

The Redskins are coming off an ugly win but a win nonetheless at Chicago.  Their first road win of the season and Kirk Cousins first road win since 2012.  The game might not be the best on the eyes but I do expect the Redskins to win and get to 7-7.  A win will give them sole possession of first place.  A loss would be catastrophic to their playoff hopes with two road division games remaining to finish out the year.

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