Eagles (6-7) vs Bills (6-7) Week 14 – Recap

LeSean McCoy is a coward.  Plain and simple.  He is arguably the most selfish player I’ve seen in a while.  He made this whole game a spectacle and made it all about himself.  He kissed the logo at midfield and hugged Jeffrey Lurie.  Two “look at me decisions.”  In the end the Eagles got the last laugh, while Shady threw his helmet against the wall and blew off the media like a baby.  I guarantee if the Bills had won, he would have talked for hours.  Coward.  It’s a shame too because Shady is an outstanding player with amazing talent.  He is stock piling numbers at an alarming rate but he consistently makes it all about himself.

I was wrong about this game.  I was close on the score just the wrong outcome.  It’s turning out to be a good luck charm that I’m picking against the Eagles.  Most people including myself will probably pick against them next week.  Here is my prediction against from the preview blog.


Chip Kelly – Kelly is proving me wrong.  I after the Detroit loss I said he lost the team.  I think it was an accurate statement at the time, a statement a lot of people agreed with.  It’s clear now he either never lost the team or has rallied the troops.  Whatever has happened it doesn’t matter at this point.  The Eagles are relevant and playing meaningful games.  After winning 2 in a row they have another stiff text next week vs a tough Cardinals team with a great coach.

Sam Bradford – Bradford was good not great.  I hesitate on great because of the 3rd down play before the 2 minute warning in the second half.  The play call was really the issue but Sam did play a good game.  He finished 23/38 247 YDS 1 TD 1 INT.  I can’t put a lot of blame on the INT.  It was a perfect throw, the Bills just made a great play.  By the way the INT wasn’t even caught thanks to these sorry officials (more on that to come). The Eagles are 6-2 in the last 8 games in which Sam Bradford has started.  He is growing as a leader and taking over this team.  I also liked Sam’s cadence.  He hasn’t been doing this all year but was able draw multiple flags on an indisciplined DL.

Vertical Passing Game – If you have been reading and listening to us on a weekly basis you know Brian and myself have been clambering for the deep ball.  Just the threat of the deep ball keeps the defense honest.  Good things happen when the opposing DB’s are on their heals.  The Eagles tried multiple times to get the ball deep.  The first play of the game should have been caught by Riley Cooper but it was clear the Eagles wanted to get the ball deep.  Bradford did complete at 53 yard bomb to Agholor that really set the tone.

Special Teams – These special teams have become special very quickly.  Through out the first half of the season this unit was anything but special.  They are turning the tide of games and swinging momentum.  Jaylen Watkins forced a fumbled and Brian Braman was able to jump on the lose the ball.  The following series led to an Agholor TD as mentioned above.

Zach Ertz – Ertz is really coming on strong the last few games.  After a concussion against the Bucs he has been lights out (pun intended).  I said this during and after the game, he looked like Mark Bavaro.  Dragging defenders down the field.  He was a complete difference maker.  Dan Patrick then went and stole my comparison and used it on the Sunday Night Football pregame.  Ertz finished with 5 for 98 YDS including a 41 yard completion to set up the go ahead FG.

Pass Blocking – These guys did a good job keeping the Bills defense off Sam.  They gave him a clean pocket and time to throw.  The Bills have an active front 7 so this is a good sign for the Eagles moving forward.  They will need to be even better next week vs the Cardinals.


The Field – The turf at LFF was in bad shape.  I know it’s not their fault as they had a quick turn around from an Army/Navy 4 PM start to the Eagles 1 PM kickoff.  LFF sees multiple games per week with Temple and even soccer from time to time.  Someone could have gotten hurt yesterday.  It looked bad as Agholor slipped and fell in the end zone after his first TD.  The Eagles might want think about moving to artificial turf with all the play they have.  When Temple plays ahead of the Eagles the field really gets torn up.  I know the grounds keeper Tony Leonard through my daily job and he does a great job.  It’s hard when there’s multiple games in less than 24 hours.

Run Blocking – The pass blocking was great.  The run blocking was not.  The Eagles have had better days blocking upfront.  I think this says more about the Bills DL than the Eagles OL.  Like I said before these guys are active and can be a handful up front.  They will need to open up some holes next week if they want to get to .500.

Ed Hochuli – I took this excerpt from my recap blog vs the second Dallas game and feel its accurate here.  Hochuli sucks. Let’s call it the way it is. He has now crossed into the realm of other bozo officials/umpires in other leagues. He’s the Joe West/Joey Crawford of the NFL.  There were a lot of flags in this game.  I thought the Bills got some tough calls but that happens.  Hochuli continues to make the game about himself with his wordy calls and constant huddling.  He’s a side show bozo.  He was the leagues best official.  I would classify him as one of the worst now.  He has a need for the cameras.

The Eagles get back on the field next Sunday night on SNF as the Cardinals come to town.  These teams have had some good games over the years.  Nate Allen isn’t playing so hopefully they won’t get beat on any play action late in the game.  I expect the Eagles to come out in all black and set the tone.

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