Inside The NFC East – Week 14

This division is the biggest dumpster fire in all of sports.  Adam Schein said it best yesterday where it’s gotten so bad, “he can’t get enough of it.” The Redskins and Giants had perfect opportunities to take hold of this division last week.  Desean Jackson made all Eagle fans smile with his fumbled punt return.  The Giants had a 10 point lead in the second half for the battle of New York against the Jets.  By virtue of both the Giants and Redskins losing winnable games, the Eagles have been thrust back into the driver seat.  Yes the Philadelphia Eagles are in the driver seat in the NFC East.  Will they be able to take advantage?  Throughout the season the Eagles have squandered many chances to runaway and separate themselves from the other teams.

NFC East Standings

Redskins 5-7 (DIV 2-2)

Eagles 5-7 (DIV 2-2)

Giants 5-7 (DIV 2-3)

Cowboys 4-8 (DIV 3-2)

Buffalo at Philadelphia – Lincoln Financial Field 1:00 FOX

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Washington at Chicago – Soldier Field 1:00 FOX

This is going to be a very tricky game for the Redskins.  We all saw them blow it vs Dallas on MNF.  This season the Skins are 5-1 at home and 0-6 on the road.  If I were a Redskins fan I would be very worried about the overall psychy of this team.  They are in a fragile place right now.  With 3/4 remaining games on the road they have their work cut out for them.

They face a bears team that lost to the Blaine Gabbert led 49ers.  In the waining moments of the game Gabbert busted a long run and completed a bomb to Tory Smith for the game winning score in over time.  Robby Gould had a chip shot field goal to win the game as time expired except he Caleb Sturgised it.  The Bears like the Redskins are in a fragile place.  They aren’t mathematically eliminated yet but their playoff hopes are slim.  I expect the Skins to win this game in very ugly fashion.

Dallas at Green Bay – Lambeau Field 4:25 FOX

Dallas heads into Green Bay a game out of first at 4-8.  The Cowboys are still in the race as far as mathematics are concerned but they will not be making the playoffs.  Sorry Cowboy fans.  Honestly, by not making the playoffs they might be the real winners after all based on draft position.

Green Bay comes off of a crazy game vs the Lions where they won on a Hail Mary as the clock hit 0.00.  This type of play could only happen against the Lions.  The Packers aren’t playing like Packers teams of years past. They are struggling in the running game and Rodgers has limited weapons on the outside.  Richard Rodgers has really stepped up as a reliable TE.  Green Bay will win this game.  Their game against Detroit was last Thursday, giving them 10 days to rest up and get ready for Dallas.

New York Giants at Miami – Sun Life Stadium 8:30 MNF ESPN

Monday Night Football has really had some bad games lately.  I expect this not to be any different.   The Giants are coming in losers of 2 games in a row and are struggling mightily on offense and defense.  Like the Eagles the Giants have struggled this year with OL play.  It’s the main reason why their running game has struggled.  Pair that running game with a poor defense and that’s a recipe for disaster.

The Dolphins would have lost last week if they were playing anyone other than Matt “Pick 6” Schaub. I fully expect DRC to get one this week.  The Giants backs are against the wall and they should win this game.  Again, this will most likely be an ugly game but the Giants will win.

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