Eagles (4-7) vs Lions (4-7) Week 12 – Recap

When the Eagles started this coaching search 3 years ago I wanted nothing to do with Chip Kelly.  After he was hired I quickly changed my tune.  He was different and brought a new school way of thinking to a team that desperately needed it.  I jumped all in.  I think a lot of fans did.  How could you not after their opening MNF game in 2013.  It was exciting.  It’s hard to believe this is the same coach.  This team has quit on Chip Kelly.  There is also an obvious lack of talent issue.  Both of these are huge indictments on a coach with GM responsibilities.  I can no longer support Chip Kelly as the Eagles coach.  I’ve questioned his play calling and game plans but overall supported what he brought to the table.  I can’t do that anymore. This whole thing needs to be blown up.  The players don’t like him and won’t even play for him by the likes of the recent games.  These guys are laying down and rolling over.  Jeffrey Lurie needs to fire Chip Kelly.  Hopefully Jeffrey Lurie will get the message.  I expect there to be a lot of empty seats for the remaining games.  That will speak volumes about how this fan base feels about this team.

Let’s get to the game.  This game was about both lines for the Eagles and everything else crumbling around them.  I’m a firm believer in NFL teams are built from the inside out.  This Eagles OL was dominated up front by the Det DL.  A DL that honestly didn’t blitz.  They rushed four guys most of the game and the Eagles OL caved in and played awful.  Sanchez stood no chance today.  I’ve seen people discuss the play of Matt Tobin on twitter and how he might be a viable long term option earlier in the season.  Let me know what game tape you guys are watching.  He is a fringe rotational NFL OL at best.

The DL was equally as bad as the OL in my opinion.  It’s not from a lack of talent because Cox and Logan are animals.  I think those two guys in particular are just worn down from being on the field all season.  The inability of anyone else to get a consistent pass rush really hurt today.  Combined that pass rush with WR’s running wide open all game is a clear recipe for disaster.

Here is my prediction from the preview blog.  Right on the outcome but wrong on the score.  I have a feeling I’ll be right about the rest of the games moving forward on the 2015 season.  If the Eagles had as much fight as Jahlil Okafor they wouldn’t be getting embarrassed week after week.  For the record, if no charges are filed against Jah the doesn’t deserve to be suspended.


Seyi Ajirotutu – The only guy that showed up to play yesterday was Ajirotutu.  He was great on punt coverage making a number of big hits from his gunner position.  He even saw some time at WR at the end due to a Josh Huff Injury.  Although he didn’t record a reception job well done from my perspective.

Troy Aikman – Aikman had the line of the year during this game.  Agholor took his helmet off and got a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Aikman said, “He should have kept his helmet on, I don’t know why anyone would want to show their face after this performance.” Pure gold.


Billy Davis – BILLY DAVIS IS A MORON.  It’s mind blowing how foolish and inept his football mind is.  I will guarantee I would gameplan and scheme a better defense than this bozo.  His inability to make in-game adjustments is a huge flaw.  Who in their right mind would refuse to give any help or even bracket (every now and again) Calvin Johnson?  He continually leaves his CBs on a island with no help.  What he did to Eric Rowe was awful.  That was a good way to kill his confidence.  Obviously Davis’ won’t be here next year to coach him.  Maybe he wants to ruin him for the next DC, who knows.  Rowe enters the game after a broken ankle sidelined Nolan Carroll.  What does Davis do?  Leaves him all along with no help and lets Calvin Johnson torch him.  Rowe even had good coverage on some of the routes.  Johnson just made a great play.  SCREW BILLY DAVIS.

Offensive Line – This was probably one of the worst performances of the year.  The Lions didn’t blitz a lot.  They were able to dominate this line by only rushing 4 guys.  Ziggy Ansah had the game of his life with 3 1/2 sacks a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.  Peters did what he usually does.  Starts and than gets knocked out.  It’s hard to get on Peters’ case, he simply just can’t play anymore.  There’s a good chance yesterday was his last start at LT for the Eagles.  I would go with Lane Johnson the rest of the way.  He is the future at LT.  He could use the game experience.

Defensive Backs – Probably not a good idea to play 10-15 yards off and simply let the Lions play pitch and catch.  Then again, this is probably what Billy Davis wanted.  Do you guys remember the Malcolm Butler SB INT?  The play was an over the top pick with a slant route right behind/underneath it.  This is a play this Eagles defense can’t cover and hasn’t covered all year.  The Lions ran this play over and over again with no adjustments from the Eagles.

There isn’t really anymore I can say or add.  Just another putrid performance from players and coaches.  It can only get better right?  It possibly can’t get any worse, right?  Keep in mind the Eagles next two games are against the Patriots and Cardinals.  Wow.

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