Week 12 Matchups: Eagles Offense vs. Lions Defense

There’s really no use harping on how pathetic and lackluster the Eagles are on offense week in and week out.  Chip would rather be snippy and cute with his words at the press conferences as opposed to implementing an actual game plan that works against NFL defense.  Mind you the defense they are facing this year are not world beaters by any means.  It looks as if Sam Bradford will be back under center this week so you’re spared the treat of Mark Sanchez on a holiday.  Demarco Murray has apparently been questioned by some his teammates, anonymously albeit, for being a quitter so that’s always fun.  The outside receivers still suck and Jordan Matthews is not a number one wide receiver.  The tight ends might be the best part about this team and Zach Ertz will likely be out this week after he decided to hurdle three Bucs defenders resulting in a concussion.  The Lions defense held Derek Carr and company to 13 points in Week 11.  The week before they kept Aaron Rodgers in check giving up only 16 points so they are trending upwards in recent weeks.


Player to Watch: Ziggy Ansah

                Ansah is arguably the best pass rusher on the Lions roster.  He’s totaled 8 sacks on the season along with 3 forced fumbles.  Detroit runs a 4-3 defense so Ansah is almost always lining up with his hand in the dirt.  His success this week could depend on the health of left tackle Jason Peters.  Peters left this past weekend’s game after the score got out of hand and he pretty much told Chip he was hurt.  If Peters is forced to leave the game yet again, Lane Johnson will draw the assignment of Ansah unless he shifts over to the other side to square off with big Dennis Kelly.


Player to Watch: Trey Burton

                With Zach Ertz more than likely out this Thursday with his concussion look for Burton to gain an increased role in the offense.  Burton was a preseason standout and I’ve honestly been looking for more involvement in the offense for him for a long time now.  At this point I think it will be a good chance to get a look at a guy who could be the replacement for Brent Celek down the road potentially.  Burton seemed to have a pretty good connection with Bradford during the preseason, but that was a very long time ago as we Eagles fans know all too well.  I expect this game to be a snoozefest yet again on offense for the Eagles so I’ll be looking for Burton to make some plays while I stuff my face with broccoli casserole.


Detroit Rush Defense vs. Eagles Rush Offense

                The Lions rank 24th in the league against the run allowing 116 yards per game along with 15 touchdowns on the season.  However, they only allowed 28 yards to the Raiders lead rusher Latavius Murray this past weekend.  The week before that Green Bay threw the ball 61 times at home against Detroit.  At the other end of the spectrum, the Eagles are somehow ranked 11th in the league in rushing offense with 119 yards per game.  You sure could fool me the past two weeks.  If this group of underachievers has any chance of getting a win on Thanksgiving the running game will need to impose its will and finally develop a reliable tempo for this offense.  I’m not holding my breath that being said.


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