Eagles (4-6) vs Bucs (5-5) Week 11 – Recap

Quitting gutless cowards.  That about sums up the Eagles Sunday performance and honestly the season performance.  I’m honestly at a loss for words with this team.  From coaching all the way down to the 53 player and 10 practice squad players I’ve had enough.  It doesn’t mean I won’t watch or won’t root for them to win but lets face it, this season is a lost cause.  Realistically, the Eagles probably won’t win another game this season.  Look at the schedule.  Both the Cardinals and Patriots will dominate this team.  At best we are looking at an 8-8 football team.  This Eagles team had a chance to get to .500 and get to first place in the division.  This Eagles team had a home game vs an inferior team and they quit and rolled over like a bunch of pathetic losers.  Tampa Bay coached by Lovie Smith came into Philadelphia and just beat the Eagles down.  The Eagles showed no mental or physical toughness and certainly showed no heart.

Regardless of what happens with the remaining 6 games heads need to roll.  I’m pro Chip and have tried to defend him this year but I’m not defending him anymore.  He needs to be coaching for his job.  This team has been trending the wrong way every year since he took over.  This is the 3rd year of his program.  The 3rd year is where you see real progression towards the ultimate goal.  This team is going backwards and it all lays at the feet at the head coach.  As far as I’m concerned his job is on the line, and deservedly so.

Here is my prediction from the preview blog.  I was right about the outcome but not the score.


My Lunch – Before the game I had Primo’s.  If you’ve never had Primo’s you’re missing out.  I got the italian diablo.  It was pretty good.  I washed that down with a cold coke and bag of old bay chips.


Mark Sanchez – This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  Sanchez simply can’t play in this league.  For everyone you wanted him to play, you got your wish.  Happy?  Sanchez did what he always does.  He made some plays with his legs and throws that gives you hope and than takes it all away by making some of the most questionable throws we’ve ever seen.  For the day he finished 26/41 261 yards 2 TDs and of course 3 INTs.  1 of which went for a score just to twist the knife in the wound that was the Eagles performance.

Coaching Staff – Chip Kelly is really pissing me off.  This is more of an indictment on the roster he put together than this game itself but this team lacks talent.  The talent it lacks he gave away.  It’s clear the Shady move did not work, at least not to this point.  It’s clear he drafted the wrong players for the second year in a row.  It’s clear he chose the wrong candidate for the defensive coordinator position.  Billy Davis is a predicable fool.  Why he gives these DB’s no help is beyond me.  Remember last year when Aaron Rodgers came to the line of scrimmage laughing his ass off because he knew exactly what was coming?  It’s clear every other QB knows what’s coming.  If Chip is back here next year it better be with out Billy Davis.  Next Question is, will Lurie allow Chip to repair this mess?

Situational Defense – I think the Eagles just jumped offsides again.  This goes back to Billy Davis but the situational defense with this team is terrible.  If they actually get a stop on 3rd down a penalty allows it to continue.  When there’s no penalty they just give up long plays.  It’s the make up of this team week after week after week after week.  It won’t change the rest of this year because these players aren’t smart enough to adjust.  How you jump offsides 3 times at home to SILENT snap count is beyond stupid.

Run Defense – The Eagles run defense is now a bottom 3rd run defense.  They most likely will be ranked 28 – 30th after being a top 10 team earlier.  The Bucs beat this Eagles team down to the tune of 283 rushing yards on 42 attempts.  Absolutely embarrassing.  Over the last month this defense is regularly allowing 100 yard rushers.  This again falls at the feet of the head coach.  I think they are just being worn down from constantly being on the field game after game.  It’s part of the reason they collapsed last year.  These guys are getting beat down.

Kiko Alonso – The Bucs ran the ball 42 times and El Bravo had 1 tackle.  It’s clear he doesn’t trust his knee at all.  For him to have one tackle on essentially 42 different opportunities means he can’t handle it physically. He’s not taking blockers head on.  He’s bailing to one side or the other.  Playing inside linebacker in a 3/4 is about getting off blocks and find the ball carrier.

Wide Receivers – The Eagles have zero playmaking ability from this group.  They can’t get open and when they do they drop the ball.  Jordan Matthews had 4 catches for 13 yards.  Someone has to get open and get downfield.  The best receiving threat for the second game in a row was Brent Celek.  Another pitiful showing from a pitiful group of receivers.  Again this falls on the head coach because he selected these guys.

Nolan Carroll/Byron Maxwell/EJ Biggers – Carroll was torched all day and Maxwell has the worst ball skills of any DB in the league.  Biggers was trailing his guy all game and continually gave up big plays.  These guys were the main reason Jameis Winston had a career game.  Winston was 19/29 246 yards and 5 TDs.  It’s obvious Chip made a huge mistake signing Maxwell.  He will be here 2/3 years and then he’s history.  Carroll won’t be back next year.  It’s obvious the Eagles can do better.  EJ Biggers is lucky to be on this roster to begin with.  If Rowe wasn’t such a disaster he wouldn’t be.  The fact Biggers is on this team again goes back to the head coach.  He selected these guys.

There’s no point in arguing in regards to this division.  Yea the Eagles are still a full game back but it doesn’t matter.  It honestly doesn’t matter.  It’s all about 2016 and whether this team needs to be completely blown up.  The Eagles get back to the field in only a few days with a Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions.  A game they will lose but it doesn’t matter because this season is a lost cause.  It’s a blessing in disguise because they now they can’t ruin the day for all the fans.  Win or lose it doesn’t matter.

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