Eagles (4-5) vs Dolphins (4-5) Week 10 – Recap

Where should I begin?  Again, this game like Carolina was the Eagles season in a nutshell.  Two steps forward, one step back.  The Eagles jumped out to a nice lead and looked like they would cruise to any easy victory.  Not the case and they end up falling to a poor Dolphins team with a bad defense and interm coach.  Give the Dolphins credit.  They got down early and easily could have mailed it in.  It was actually the Eagles who mailed it in, just like typical Eagles teams do.  No guts, no heart.  It’s sad but true.  The Eagles fall to 4-5 and likely will be 2 games back.  As I’m writing this the Giants are driving to take the lead on the Patriots.  At 4-5 with two games against New England and Arizona the Eagles are looking at 2 losses right there so at best they will be 9-7.

Here’s my prediction from the preview blog.  Prediction – The Dolphins are not a good football team. After firing Joe Philbin and inserting Dan Campbell they seemed to play with a little fire. After two beatdowns they reverted back to their old ways. At 4-4 the Eagles are in no position to take anyone lightly and every game from here on out is a must win. This game does worry me a little bit because of the let down factor. After a huge win, teams can come out a little flat. This wouldn’t be new for the Eagles because they’ve come out flat in every game this year. NFL teams break down their season in quarters. They lost the first quarter at 1-3 and won the second at 3-1. This weeks game kicks off the 3rd quarter and the Eagles need to get off to a good start. EAGLES 31 – DOLPHINS 21


Tight Ends – Today was an outstanding game by both TE’s.  Particulary Brent Celek.  He finished with 4 REC for 134 yards including a long of 60.  Ertz added another 7 for 68.  Between the two they were the Eagles passing game.  Celek is often forgotten in this offense but really is a true professional.  He shows up every week and just grinds.  Doesn’t complain and does his job to the best of his ability.  Well done and props to an all – time Eagle.  If there were more guys like Brent Celek on this team they wouldn’t be sitting a 4-5 and be the laughing stock of the city and league.

Sam Bradford – I’m neither pro or con on Bradford as whole.  I just want good play from the position.  Bradford was good today.  It’s not his fault he constantly had defenders in his face.  It’s not his fault no one other than TE’s could get open.  It’s not his fault his “GENIUS” coach got him hammered in the first half with 17 seconds left when he had no business throwing the football.  It’s not his fault the OL and hipster clown center could protect him.  Sam finished 19/25 for 236 yards and 1 TD.  Was he perfect?  No, but played well enough for the Eagles to get to 5-4.

Defense – I thought the Eagles defense did an admirable job.  They held the Dolphins to 190 yards through the air and 99 on the ground.  They were put in some bad spots by the offense and special teams but overall they played well.  Well enough to win the game.  They were able to get to the quarter back getting to Tannehill 4 times.


Offensive Line – I referenced Tim McCarver on the podcast and I’ll do it again now.  As good as this unit was against the Cowboys, they were as bad today.  More than anyone the center.  I am so damn sick of Jason Kelce. I called him out in my opening paragraph and I’ll do it again.  3 penalties and another bad snap. His 16th bad snap of the year.  The center is supposed to be the glue of the line.  The rock that holds it all together.  He’s none of the above and arguably the biggest liability on the line.  By the way thank you to Kelce as well for letting us know it was his worse game.  You didn’t need to tell us Jason.  We know.  Dennis Kelly got Bradford hurt because he was bull rushed but Kelly arguably was the star of the offense because he recovered two fumbles – way to go Dennis (if you can’t tell – sarcasm).

Wide Receivers – Zero production from these guys.  Aside from one catch from Huff these guys should have stayed in the locker room.  Someone tell me why Rasheed Bailey couldn’t make this team?  I would love to know why he’s at home and Miles Austin is on this team?  Email me or hit us up on twitter if you have the answer.

Special Teams – It’s now an adventure every time Jones goes back to punt the football.  The Eagles are clearly giving away something on tape and teams are picking up on it.  Chip and Dave Fipp need to figure it out and get it fixed.  I’ll lump Caleb Sturgis into this as well.  He missed a chip shot FG.  It was the equivalent of a golfer shanking a pitching wedge.   He came across it and cut it way right.  Sturgis wasn’t the reason the Eagles lost the game.  No it any shape or form, but his missed FG did completely change the momentum of the game.  The kickoff coverage as also been an issue.  Two returns in a row – the Lucky Whitehead return in Dallas and the opening KO of this game put the opponent in good starting field position.

Mark Sanchez – For all those who wanted Sanchez to play, you got your wish.  Are you happy?  In a spot in the game where the Eagles just had to play it safe, he couldn’t even take care of the ball.  At a spot in the game where the clock was their friend he couldn’t take care of the ball.  Watch the replay.  Ertz was open.  He missed him and had to force it.  Are you happy?  Looks like he will start for at least 1-3 weeks with Bradford’s injury.  Let me know then why he should have been playing from the beginning. If Sanchez plays great and the Eagles win 3-4 in a row I’ll eat all the crow.  I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

Chip Kelly – What Kelly did at the end of the first half was complete negligence.  To put your QB in that position, where the DL could tee of in this joke of an OL is down right criminal.  Bradford took a nice shot to the chin as well.  Be better Chip.  I thought his overall game plan wasn’t an issue.  Aside from the first half blunder I didn’t think Kelly was to blame.  In the end these guys need to make plays.

I noted in the beginning of this blog the Giants were driving.  They did lose to the Patriots and the Eagles are still a .5 game back in the East.  The question is, does it matter?  Sorry to say, I don’t think it does.  Maybe I’m wrong, but there’s been nothing I’ve seen that lends me to believe it’s going to be any different.  They play a 4-5 Tampa Bay team that will give the Eagles trouble.  I’m certainly not picking the Eagles to win.

Early reports indicate Bradford has suffered a concussion and an grade two AC joint sprain.  A timetable has been set at 1-3 weeks as noted earlier.

As you can tell I was pretty pissed off writing this blog.  I hate this team right now.  I’m so sick of it all.  That being said….See you next week!  We are only a .5 game out of the first.

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