Week 9 Matchups- Eagles Offense vs. Cowboys Defense

There’s no real reason to believe the Eagles offense will find some hidden secret during the bye week that will lead to a 40 point outbreak against the Dallas defense.  This is the same Dallas defense who has Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain this time around as opposed to the Week 2 blood bath at the Linc.  Jason Peters should return following his scary back injury at Carolina, but it’s hard to believe he can make it a full game at this point in his career.  Rod Marinelli has seemed to have an answer for Chip’s offense outside of the Thanksgiving contest last year which was on a short week at that.  Demarco Murray will be returning to his former home and I’m sure this reunion will be more emotional than the last.  Hopefully Nelson Agholor returns and can help to stretch the field in some capacity.  Maybe the work on the Jugs machine will help Jordan Matthews can hang onto the football that would be a start.

Player to Watch: Darren Sproles

Sproles has been MIA in the offensive game plan the past few weeks.  He really wasn’t involved much in the Giants game outside of a few targets in the passing game.  The Carolina game was the same story as the speed of Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis never really allowed Sproles to make an impact.  Besides Sean Lee, Dallas does not have that type of playmaking ability at the linebacker position on their roster.  I don’t expect the wide receivers to deliver any kind of inspiring performance so the next best option is featuring Sproles more.  The screen game has been lacking this season and adding that dimension would certainly be a boost to the offense.

Player to Watch: Safety JJ Wilcox

Wilcox reminds me a lot of former Eagles and current Panthers safety Kurt Coleman.  He’s a smaller, physical type safety who prefers to get his nose around the line of scrimmage especially in the run game.  Similar to Coleman he is not as strong as a safety on the back end in the passing game.  Like I mentioned Wilcox likes to play physical and fly to the ball throwing his shoulder into receivers.  Jordan Matthews needs to be strong and hold onto the ball because Wilcox will be coming for that ass.  Wilcox can be better over the top and get sucked into the play action fakes.  The problem is the Eagles offense really lacks deep threats to stretch the field past Wilcox.

Matchup to Watch: Jason Peters vs. Greg Hardy

Hardy is arguably the most hate able player along with hate able face in the league especially with that obnoxious eye black he smears all over his dumb mug.  That being said the guy has been a terror off the edge since his return three weeks back against the Patriots.  He has three sacks to go along with a tipped ball for an interception this past weekend off Russell Wilson.  You know Hardy will be fired up since he missed the first contest against the Eagles and he’s playing against one of the better left tackles in the league on Sunday Night.  That brings me to Peters who by all accounts should be good to go this week following his scary back injury prior to the bye in Carolina.  He’s had his fair share of nagging injuries not only this season, but dating back the past few seasons now.  His ability to make it through a whole game is definitely cause for concern.  If Peters is forced to leave this game that kicks starting guard Matt Tobin out to tackle which is a downgrade to put it kindly.  The Cowboys were able to stymie this Eagles offense the first time around and Hardy’s presence doesn’t make things any easier.

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